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Conference registrations will be closed on Monday, October 10. If you wish to be wait listed, email ffi@ffi.org If you have already registered, the most updated information will be on the conference app.
1:30-4:30 PM
Pre-Conference Session 1: The Family Office of the Future
Presenters: Jill Barber, James Coutre, and William Parizeau, Fidelity Family Office Services
Sponsor: Fidelity Family Office Services
Registration: Limited to 40
As professionals entrusted by enterprising families, we have both an opportunity and obligation to imagine a new generation of family offices that better serve those families and the world around them. What will they look like? How will we get there? We don’t know; thus, this session seeks to gather curious practitioners, academics and family members looking for a space to explore their predictions, questions and hopes for the future of family offices. Whether working in a single or multifamily office or simply engaged with family office-level wealth in some way, you’re invited to share your ideas and hear those of your peers. We will discuss the forces that have shaped and will shaped the family office space, and we will dare to re-imagine – from several different angles – something new. While we may not “solve” anything, the conversation will be sure to expand thinking and reward participants with forward-leaning insight.
Pre-Conference Session 2: Consulting, research, and development in Spain and Latin America
(Note: Session is open to all and conducted in Spanish)

Presenters: Guillermo Salazar, Claudia Raunich, Ángel De Lorenzo Nieto, Salvador Cerón and Elaine King
Sponsor: Iberoamerica Virtual Study Group
Registration: Limited to 40

The Virtual Study Group Iberoamerica invites you to a series of presentations on the latest issues in consulting, research, and development of ideas on family businesses in Spain and Latin America. Join us to discover the new concepts’ excitement and the specialists and professionals who will share with the attendees.

El Virtual Study Group Iberoamerica los invita a una serie de exposiciones sobre los últimos temas en materia de consultoría, investigación y desarrollo de ideas sobre las empresas familiares en España y Latinoamérica. Acompáñanos a descubrir la emoción de los nuevos conceptos y a los especialistas y profesionales que compartirán con los asistentes.

Pre-Conference Session 3: Creating Successful Transition Plans for the Next Generation
Presenters: Karl Feitelberg, Jason Feitelberg and Tobi Silver, Sterling Resources, Ltd.
Sponsor: Sterling Resources, Ltd.
Registration: Limited to 40
Panel discussion moderated by Sterling Resources, Ltd. exploring the role of life insurance and tax favored cash flow as well as the importance of life insurance portfolio management. Panelists will represent both “older’ and “younger” generation points of view, in addition to professional family office executive perspectives.
Pre-Conference Session 4: To Pre-nup or not to Pre-Nup
Presenter: Coventry Edwards-Pitt, Ballentine Partners LLC
Sponsor: Ballentine Partners LLC
Registration: Limited to 40
Our industry tends to answer this question from the perspective of the wealth-generating generation. Coventry Edwards-Pitt shares insights from the research she conducted with inheritors and their significant others for her new book Engaged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (December 2022). We will discuss what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a pre-nup mandate and the three critical factors any pre-nup discussion must allow a next-generation couple to preserve in order not to be destructive to their relationship.
6:00-8:00 PM
Opening Reception at MIT Museum Hosted by MIT Sloan School of Management