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2019 Global Conference Keynotes Announced
The New Frontier: Disruption and co-creation in the field of family enterprise
April 12, 2019

he year 2019 marks fifty years since “one giant leap” took us to the moon. The race to space was a study in global competition, ingenuity, innovation, embracing risk, and imagining the impossible. It was a pioneering time with long-lasting impact—more than 63,000 technologies that we still routinely use were discovered and created as the result of these programs. But what’s next? These exciting keynote presentations will help us consider that provocative question.

Kris Verburgh Free University Brussels
The Future of Biotechnology and Longevity: Opportunities and perils of living healthier and longer than ever before
How will the Fourth Industrial Revolution impact our health, mind, and bodies? How will promising new biotechnologies, and reversing the aging process, transform medicine and our lifespans? How can investors and firms prepare for and seize on the opportunities in this new Biotech Age? New paradigm shifts in health and longevity will be discussed. Dr. Verburgh will also address the risks, promises, and concerns of this new biotech revolution and its consequences for society as a whole.

Kris Verburgh is a medical doctor and author. An expert on the future of medicine and biotechnology, he examines how new technologies will disrupt medicine, health(care) and our lifespan, and what impact the fourth industrial revolution will have on our bodies and brains.

As a researcher at the Free University Brussels, Dr. Verburgh studies how and why we age and how biotech and lifestyle can increase our health and lifespan. He created a new scientific field, nutrigerontology, that studies how nutrition can slow down aging and reduce the risk of aging-related diseases like heart disease or dementia.

The Longevity Code
The Experiment
Kris Verburgh wrote his first science book when he was 16 years old. By age 28, he had written four science books. He gives talks on new developments and paradigm shifts in medicine, neuroscience, healthcare, and aging. He has given lectures for the European Parliament, Singularity University, TEDx, international companies, and various academic and governmental institutes and organizations around the world.

In his popular book, The Longevity Code, he addresses topics that every family enterprise advisor should consider, whether in the consulting or in the research part of the field. Dr. Verburgh is also as a consultant for the Longevity Vision Fund of Sergey Young, where he “…looks into all kinds of fascinating companies and (bio)technologies with the goal to enable us to live longer and address, and perhaps one day, fix aging.”

Ismael Cala Cala Enterprises Corporation
The Future of Work: Mindfulness, happiness and exponential leadership
Millions of years ago, an asteroid collided with our planet and caused a change in the atmosphere that resulted in the dinosaur extinction. However, “dinosaurs” still exist in our world today, and they’re also doomed to disappear if they don’t adapt to the technological wave of change in time.

There are new threats, and they aren’t necessarily from asteroids. It’s a paradigm shift: until recently, we exchanged our work for hours and money, but now the global economy is based on experience. We must establish a different type of leadership that takes into account logic and intuition, creating companies with engaged leaders who are willing to step up to the “next” level.

Ismael Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba and earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History at Universidad de Oriente – Santiago de Cuba, graduated from York University’s School of Communication in Toronto and holds a Seneca diploma in Broadcasting ― Television. He is president and founder of Cala Enterprises Corporation and Ismael Cala Foundation. For more than five years, he was the host on CALA, a prime time show in CNN en Español. Currently considered one of the most important journalists of the American continent, as his message about social entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and wellbeing has reached millions of people. He is the author of eight bestsellers and coauthor of Beat the Curve with Brian Tracy.

Randel Carlock
Maya Prabhu
J.P. Morgan
Probing the implications of Cala’s presentation will be FFI members Randel Carlock of INSEAD and Maya Prabhu of J.P. Morgan to create an exciting ending for this keynote presentation.
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