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An interview with G. Tyge Payne, outgoing FBR editor
November 27, 2020
November 27, 2020

incere thanks to G. Tyge Payne for this podcast discussing the future of academic research in the family enterprise world. Tyge has been the editor of Family Business Review (FBR) since 2018 and will end his term on December 31, 2020. During his tenure, he has overseen the production of 12 issues and more than 50 articles. Tyge has also written a number of thought-provoking editorials, the most recent being in the December 2020 issue. He will be succeeded by Donald Neubaum from Florida Atlantic University, whose first issue will be March 2021.

G. Tyge Payne headshot
G. Tyge Payne
G. Tyge Payne, PhD, is the Georgie G. Snyder Professor of Strategic Management and a Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Management at the Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University. With over 60 peer-reviewed publications appearing in top-tier outlets, his research on configurations, family business strategy, organizational ethics, multi-level methods, social capital, and venture capitalism, has positioned him as a scholarly leader in the field of management. Dr. Payne currently serves as the Editor of Family Business Review, the preeminent journal dedicated to research on family businesses.
Interviewer: Jordan Rich is celebrating a quarter century at one of America’s top legacy radio stations, interviewing thousands of celebrities, authors, actors and interesting personalities throughout his career. Jordan is co-owner of Chart Productions Inc, and also teaches voice-over acting. His main focus these days is in podcast creation and production, featuring conversations with the world’s most creative people.
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