FFI On Friday | October 19, 2018

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Congratulations to the Q3 GEN CFWA, Dual, and Advanced Certificate Graduates
In this issue, we highlight the Q3 GEN graduates receiving Family Wealth Advising (CFWA,) Dual (CFBA) and (CFWA), and Advanced Certificates (ACFBA and ACFWA).
These graduates have accessed and completed programs of curated content and research-based resources with their peers and a highly skilled faculty, developing a global network of fellow students who advise and study multi-generational families.

Please join us in congratulating their outstanding achievement. Read last week’s issue “Congratulations to the Q3 GEN Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) Graduates”.

Certificate in Family Wealth Advising (CFWA)

Tomasz Fediuk
Fediuk Botero, LLC
DeLand, FL USA

Wendy Sage-Hayward
The Family Business Consulting Group
Vancouver, Canada

Dual Certificates —
Certificate in Family Business and Family Wealth Advising (CFBA) and (CFWA)

Toni Burt
Spring Forward Financial, LLC
Chicago, IL USA

Michelle Hartman
Deloitte Private
Sydney, Australia

Phansak Sethsathira
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Jaiyos Advisory Co., Ltd.
Bangkok, Thailand

Beatrice Waesche
Resource Management LLC
Metairie, LA USA

Eva Wathén
Espoo, Finland

Advanced Certificates (ACFBA) and (ACFWA)

Fabian Bernhard, ACFBA
EDHEC Business School
Paris, France

Jonathan Ramos, ACFWA
Premier Family Business Consulting
Cebu City, Philippines

Thanks to the GEN Q3 Faculty

GEN 102: Self in Systems

Annika Hall, FFI Fellow; Ricardo Fainsilber, CFBA, CFWA; Pilar Unidad-Tolentino, CFBA; Helena von der Esch, CFBA

GEN 201: Family Enterprise Advising and Consulting

Mairi Mickel, ACFBA; Jared Byas, CFBA, CFWA

GEN 202: Families of Wealth: A multidisciplinary approach

Vaughn Scott, FFI Fellow; Lenka Beinhoff, ACFBA, ACFWA

GEN 501: Myths, Realities and Trends in the Field of Family Enterprise

Jeremy Cheng, CFWA, ACFBA; Anthony Devine, CFBA, CFWA; Asher Noor, ACFBA

GEN 502: Family Governance in the Family Enterprise: A key structural element in family enterprise governance

Dennis Jaffe, FFI Fellow; Kirby Rosplock, FFI Fellow

Built for busy professionals, FFI GEN delivers world-class curriculum, unparalleled access to faculty and thought leaders, and connections to a global network of specialists in the field. Want to take your skills to the next level? Enroll in Q4 today!

Overseeing the GEN program is Gretchen Graham who can be reached for more details.

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