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December 2018 Issue of FBR

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Advancing Family Business Research: The Promise of Microfoundations

Alfredo De Massis, Nicolai Foss

In this essay, the authors highlight and explain the need to apply a microfoundational lens in order to build and test theory that allows scholars to extend, enrich, and refine current knowledge on family enterprises. They also offer specific suggestions concerning how scholars can draw on microfoundations to advance family business research.

Alfredo De Massis
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Nicolai Foss
Bocconi University


Relationship Conflict, Family Name Congruence, and Socioemotional Wealth in Family Firms

Mary Beth Rousseau, Franz W. Kellermanns, Thomas Zellweger, Tammy E. Beck

Research Questions:

  • What are the effects of relationship conflict on socioemotional wealth?
  • What are the effects of relationship conflict on subjective valuations of the family firm by its owners?
  • Does name congruence serve as an important contingency in SEW related processes?

Mary Beth Rousseau
Valdosta State University

Franz W. Kellermanns
University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Thomas Zellweger
University of St. Gallen

Tammy E. Beck
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Between Kinship and Commerce: Fiduciaries and the Institutional Logics of Family Firms

Brooke Harrington, Vanessa M. Strike

Research Questions:

  • Do family advisers, specifically fiduciaries, take on the task of blending institutional logics of kinship and commerce? How does this work?
  • What are the specific tasks that are accomplished when these logics begin to dis-integrate, such as during succession periods?

Brooke Harrington
Copenhagen Business School

Vanessa M. Strike
University of British Columbia

How Familial Is Family Social Capital? Analyzing Bonding Social Capital in Family and Nonfamily Firms

Inés Herrero

Research Questions:

  • Can nonfamily firms produce family social capital (FSC), which is assumed to be a type of bonding social capital that is unique to family firms?
  • Can nonfamily members in family firms reproduce FSC? If so, how does the bonding social capital compare between family and nonfamily firms?
  • Does the bonding social capital of all three types of actors (family and nonfamily members of family businesses and members of nonfamily businesses) contribute equally to a firm’s performance?

Inés Herrero
Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Family Firm Reputation and Humanization: Consumers and the Trust Advantage of Family Firms Under Different Conditions of Brand Familiarity

Susanne Beck, Reinhard Prügl

Research Question:

  • This article applies a mixed-method design and uses four studies to address the questions a) whether the trust advantage related to a strong family firm reputation persists for corporate brands consumers are already familiar with, b) how the family firm brand affects consumers’ purchase intention, and c) what the underlying reasons for the family firm trust advantage are.

Susanne Beck
LBG Open Innovation in Science Center

Reinhard Prügl
Zeppelin University

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