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Early Release: December 2019 Issue of FBR
November 22, 2019

e are pleased to provide you with an advance look at the December 2019 issue of Family Business Review (FBR).

Socio-Emotional Wealth (SEW): Questions on Construct Validity
Keith H. Brigham, G. Tyge Payne
This editorial makes a call for more clarity with regard to the SEW construct and encourages more theoretical and empirical development. By stimulating ideas and promoting best practices as our field develops we hope to move the field forward in a more efficient and effective way.
Keith H. Brigham
Texas Tech University
G. Tyge Payne
Texas Tech University
Listening to the Heart or the Head? Exploring the “Willingness Versus Ability” Succession Dilemma
Melanie Richards, Nadine Kammerlander, Thomas Zellweger
Research Questions
  • Do family firm owner managers (i.e. incumbents) emphasize successor’s willingness or ability if they have to indicate a preference in a succession dilemma?
  • What shapes incumbents’ attention on the family logic or the corporate logic in the context of succession?
  • How do sources of logic accessibility (i.e., external professional management experience, educational attainment, number of family members in management, as well as cultural embeddedness of the incumbent) and situational stimuli (such as performance shortfall at the firm-level) help incumbents solve the succession dilemma?
Melanie Richards
University of Bath
Nadine Kammerlander
WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
Thomas Zellweger
University of St. Gallen
Firm Acquisitions by Family Firms: A Mixed Gamble Approach
Katrin Hussinger, Abdul-Basit Issah
Research Questions
  • How can we explain that family firms are engaging in the market for corporate control despite their well-documented loss aversion?
  • Could it be that family firms with their longer time orientation neglect the option of firm acquisitions and therewith forgo an important strategic means that promises longer-term advantages?
  • How can we explain that the post-acquisition performance of family firms has been shown to be not worse than that of nom-family firms?
Katrin Hussinger
University of Luxembourg
Abdul-Basit Issah
University of Luxembourg
The Bright Side to Family Firms: How Socioemotional Wealth Importance Affects Dark Traits-Job Performance Relationships
Benjamin D. McLarty, Daniel T. Holt
Research Questions
  • How would those with dark psychological traits (i.e., the “Dark Triad” of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism) perform within family firms?
  • Within family firms, how does the importance placed on socioemotional wealth (SEW) by supervisors influence the employees’ Dark Triad (DT)-job performance relationship?
Benjamin D. McLarty
Mississippi State University
Daniel T. Holt
Louisiana State University
The Origins and Development of Socioemotional Wealth Within Next-Generation Family Members: An Interpretive Grounded Theory Study
Linda Murphy, Jolien Huybrechts, Frank Lambrechts
Article coming soon
Research Questions
  • Why and how does SEW originate and develop within next-generation family members?
  • Why and how does a next-generation family member develop a frame of mind in which he or she interprets that the family firm’s nonfinancial aspects help to meet one’s affective needs across one’s life course?
  • How does SEW as a frame of mind influence the life path of next-generation family members?
  • How does a family member continuously build, internalize and update his or her SEW frame of mind during the life course?
Linda Murphy
University College Cork
Jolien Huybrechts
Maastricht University
Frank Lambrechts
Hasselt University
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