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Early Release: March 2020 Issue of FBR
February 07, 2020
FOF February 7, 2020 cover

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Family Business Review in 2020: Focus on the Family
G. Tyge Payne
This editorial looks first in hindsight at an overview of FBR from the past year and then, in foresight, provides upcoming developments and initiatives for the Review.
G. Tyge Payne headshot
G. Tyge Payne
Texas Tech University
The Adulthood of Family Business Research Through Inbound and Outbound Theorizing
Peter Jaskiewicz, Donald O. Neubaum, Alfredo De Massis, and Daniel T. Holt
This editorial presents the main insights gained from each article before discussing how they, as a group, help advance the field of family business studies and create opportunities to give back to mainstream theories.
Peter Jaskiewicz headshot
Peter Jaskiewicz
University of Ottawa
Donald O. Neubaum headshot
Donald O. Neubaum
Florida Atlantic University
Alfredo De Massis headshot
Alfredo De Massis
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Lancaster University Management School
Daniel T. Holt headshot
Daniel T. Holt
Louisiana State University
How Do Consumers See Firms’ Family Nature? A Review of the Literature
Daniela Andreini, Cristina Bettinelli, Giuseppe Pedeliento, and Roberta Apa
Research Question
  • What do we know about how consumers form meanings about firms’ family nature?
Daniela Andreini headshot
Daniela Andreini
University of Bergamo
Cristina Bettinelli headshot
Cristina Bettinelli
University of Bergamo
Giuseppe Pedeliento headshot
Giuseppe Pedeliento
University of Bergamo
Roberta Apa headshot
Roberta Apa
University of Bergamo
What Do We Know About Business Families? Setting the Stage for Leveraging Family Science Theories
James G. Combs, Kristen K. Shanine, Sarah Burrows, Jared S. Allen, and Troy W. Pounds
Research Questions
  • What does research tell about how and why different families manage their family businesses differently?
  • What theories might help researchers explain links between business families and family businesses?
  • What kind of research is needed to better explain links between business families and family businesses?
James G. Combs headshot
James G. Combs
University of Central Florida
University of Ottawa
Kristen K. Shanine headshot
Kristen K. Shanine
Middle Tennessee State University
Sarah Burrows headshot
Sarah Burrows
University of Central Florida
Jared S. Allen headshot
Jared S. Allen
University of Central Florida
Troy W. Pounds headshot
Troy W. Pounds
University of Central Florida
Uncovering Implicit Assumptions: Reviewing the Work–Family Interface in Family Business and Offering Opportunities for Future Research
Nava Michael-Tsabari, Marjan Houshmand, Vanessa M. Strike, and Dorit Efrat Treister
Research Questions
  • What is the current state of the work-family interface literature in family business?
  • How can scholars overcome the limitations in the work-family interface literature in family business?
  • What are the implicit assumptions underlying the work-family interface literature in family business?
  • How can scholars advance our understanding of the work-family interface in family business?
Nava Michael-Tsabari headshot
Nava Michael-Tsabari
Tel Aviv University
Marjan Houshmand headshot
Marjan Houshmand
University of Hawaii
Vanessa M. Strike headshot
Vanessa M. Strike
University of British Columbia
Dorit Efrat Treister headshot
Dorit Efrat Treister
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Managing Family-Related Conflicts in Family Businesses: A Review and Research Agenda
Hong Qiu and Mark Freel
Research Questions
  • What do we know about how to manage conflicts resulted from the overlapping nature of the family, business, and ownership within family businesses?
  • What are some of the promising directions for future research examining the dynamics of conflicts and conflict management within family businesses?
Hong Qiu headshot
Hong Qiu
University of Ottawa
Mark Freel headshot
Mark Freel
University of Ottawa
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