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Featuring the FFI Fellows
October 23, 2020
October 23, 2020

t hardly seems possible that almost two decades have passed since the FFI Fellows were inaugurated in London in 2001 – 72 “first Fellows” in all! Next month, when we announce the 2020 Fellows, we will enter the third decade of this group, which represents the highest level of professional designation within the organization.

FFI Fellows demonstrate ongoing expertise and commitment to the field of family enterprise and here’s how they helped us meet the challenges of 2020.

Fellows by the numbers
number 270 in a white circle
Fellows as of today
number 72 in a white circle
First Fellows in 2001
number 32 in a white circle
Countries represented
number 11 in a white circle
Fellows, on average, added annually
Fellows by the vision statement in 2020
number 20 in a white circle
Committee and board members
number 17 in a white circle
Virtual conference presenters
number 13 in a white circle
Gen faculty members
number 13 in a white circle
Practitioner/FBR authors
number 12 in a white circle
Conference and scholarship sponsors
number 10 in a white circle
Presenters for FFI on Monday webinar series
number 9 in a white circle
Mentors in the GEN program
number 4 in a white circle
Chapter or Study Group Leaders
Of course, we can’t picture all 272 in this newsletter but here’s snapshot of the Fellows who were active in 2020 and the year in which he or she became a Fellow.
Thanks to the following Fellows taking leadership roles in 2020.
Patricia Angus headshotPatricia Angus
Isabel Botero headshot
Isabel Botero
Linda Bourn headshot
Linda Bourn
Jeremy Cheng headshot
Jeremy Cheng
Ronna Gyllenhaal headshotRonna Gyllenhaal
David Karofsky headshotDavid Karofsky
Rania Labaki headshot
Rania Labaki
Javier Macias headshotJavier Macias
Michael Madera headshotMichael Madera
Nava Michael-Tsabari headshotNava Michael-Tsabari
John Neff headshot
John Neff
Wendy Ulaszek headshot
Wendy Ulaszek
Louisa Diana Brunner headshotLouisa Diana Brunner
Jennifer East headshotJennifer East
Denise Federer headshot
Denise Federer
Annika Hall headshotAnnika Hall
Elle Hansen headshotElle Hansen
Gregoire Imfeld headshotGregoire Imfeld
Lanie Jordan headshotLanie Jordan
Ken McCracken headshotKen McCracken
Mattias Nordqvist headshotMattias Nordqvist
Jose Mora Ocaranza headshotJose Mora Ocaranza
Maria Jose ParadaMaria Jose Parada
Guillermo Salazar headshotGuillermo Salazar
Vaughan Scott headshotVaughan Scott
Debbie Bing headshot
Debbie Bing
Artur Chaberski headshot
Artur Chaberski
Neus Feliu headshot
Neus Feliu
James Grubman
James Grubman
Andrew Hier headshot
Andrew Hier
Ian Macnaughton headshot
Ian Macnaughton
Daphne McGuffin headshot
Daphne McGuffin
Michael Meeks
Michael Meeks
Carlo Salvato headshot
Carlo Salvato
Michael Whitty headshot
Michael Whitty
Alberto Gimeno headshot
Alberto Gimeno
Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez headshot
Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez
Paul Lermitte headshot
Paul Lermitte
Greg McCann headshot
Greg McCann
Panikkos Poutziouris headshot
Panikkos Poutziouris
Kirby Rosplock headshot
Kirby Rosplock
Carrie Seligman headshot
Carrie Seligman
Randy Waesche headshot
Randy Waesche
Dianne Welsh headshot
Dianne Welsh
First decade
Carmen Bianchi headshot
Carmen Bianchi
Fredda Herz Brown
Fredda Herz Brown
Randel Carlock headshot
Randel Carlock
John Davis
John Davis
Sam Davis headshot
Sam Davis
Francois de Visscher headshot
François de Visscher
Nany Drozdow headshot
Nany Drozdow
Kelin Gersick headshot
Kelin Gersick
James Hutcheson headshot
James Hutcheson
Dennis Jaffe headshot
Dennis Jaffe
Dirk Junge headshot
Dirk Junge
Paul Karofsky headshot
Paul Karofsky
Andrew Keyt headshot
Andrew Keyt
Ivan Lansberg headshot
Ivan Lansberg
Peter Leach headshot
Peter Leach
David Paradise headshot
David Paradise
Mark Rubin headshot
Mark Rubin
Kathy Wiseman headshot
Kathy Wiseman
John Wofford headshot
John Wofford
If you have been an FFI member for 10 years or more, 2021 may be your year to complete the other requirements, which are holding an FFI Advanced Certificate, presenting at an annual conference or being published in Family Business Review or FFI Practitioner. For more information on becoming a Fellow in 2021 or 2022, please contact Susan Gabert.
FFI Fellow badge
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October 16, 2020
Today we feature the Q3 GEN graduates who are receiving the Dual Certificate in Family Business Advising and Family Wealth Advising (CFBA/CFWA). These individuals, who come from around the world and across disciplines, have accessed and completed programs of curated material and research-based resources with their peers and a highly skilled faculty—developing a global network of fellow students who advise and study multi-generational families.

Please join us in congratulating their outstanding achievement.

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Important Notice for 2020 FFI Conference Attendees:
All session times for next week are set to US Eastern Time. As many locations will be adjusting times this weekend, please verify your local time.