FFI On Friday | May 25, 2018

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Featuring the FFI Organizational Members

In mid-March, we were pleased to feature nine of the FFI organizational members.

Today we introduce you to yet another group. By the end of the year, we will acquaint you with all the FFI organizational members — leaders in the field and in FFI.

BDO Global Family Business Group

BDO Global Family Business Group is a network of public accounting, tax, and advisory firms which perform professional services under the name of BDO. The BDO Global Family Business group comprises representatives of member firms whose primary objective is to further the cause of family businesses around the world. Founded in 2010, the group continues to grow through the sharing of knowledge and the development of best practices and intellectual property, while providing thought leadership and support for the advancement of advisory services to family business both within the wider independent BDO network and through partnerships with other institutions and organizations. FFI Members include Daphne McGuffin, FFI Fellow, Susan Rix, ACFBA, Karen Meenderink, and Maybeth Shaw.

Daphne McGuffin

Daphne McGuffin is a member of the GEN faculty.

Burns & Levinson, LLP

Burns & Levinson, LLP is a Boston-based law firm that provides a team approach with clients by utilizing all the talent available within the firm and partnering with others to meet clients’ needs. The firm has extensive experience representing founder and family-owned businesses since its founding in 1960 and the team is sensitive to the dynamic of family and business issues and understands the clients’ needs for a multi-disciplinary team approach. The firm is also a sponsor of the FFI New England Chapter.

Members are Brian D. Bixby, Christine Fletcher, David Raymon, and Lorraine Stark.

Family Enterprise Xchange

Family Enterprise Xchange is a Canadian organization for family enterprises. Its goal is to empower enterprising families and their advisers so they can succeed and flourish. To achieve this, FEX provides business families and their advisers with a unique blend of shared wisdom and experience and leading-edge thinking and knowledge. FFI members are Russel Baskin, Bill Brushett, and Ruth E. Steverlynck, CFBA.

Russel Baskin

Russel Baskin is national director, education and programming.

The Family Enterprise Xchange Symposium takes place in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, from September 24-27.

KPMG Enterprise Global Center of Excellence for Family Business

KPMG Enterprise Global Center of Excellence for Family Business, as with the family, the family business doesn’t stand still — it evolves. Family businesses are unique and KPMG Enterprise Family Business advisers understand the dynamics of a successful family business and work with clients to provide tailored advice and experienced guidance to help them succeed. To support the unique needs of family businesses, KPMG Enterprise coordinates with a global network dedicated to offering relevant information and advice to family-owned companies. KPMG advisers understand that the nature of a family business is inherently different from a non-family business and requires an approach that considers the family component. More than 80 KPMG professionals belong to FFI.

Read KPMG Enterprise’s recent report, “What’s the tax bill for transferring a family business?

Ken McCracken

Ken McCracken, FFI Fellow, is head of family business consulting in the UK and the chair of the FFI 2018 Conference Program Committee.

Business Insights from KPMG Enterprise: Podcast series – Episode 10: Structuring your family business for growth and success.


Sandaire is a London-based, international investment office delivering tailored solutions for wealthy families and foundations. Family-owned and professionally managed, the firm has a 22-year history that provides unique insights into the evolving opportunities and challenges that wealth creates, understanding that there is more to wealth than just investment performance. Founder Alexander Scott is a former FFI board member, Charlotte Filsell, James Fleming, and Paolo Scalco round out the membership.

Sandaire is also a founding member of the Wigmore Association, an innovative group of leading single and multi-family offices from across the globe that provides a forum in which members can share knowledge and best practice with fellow experts, seeking to enhance understanding of issues that are important to clients, while retaining objectivity and independence.

Alex Scott

Alex Scott will be part of the panel, “The Generative Alliance: Culture and evolution of 100-year family enterprises” in London at the FFI October conference.

Tharawat Magazine

Tharawat Magazine, based in Dubai, inspires family businesses and entrepreneurs with story-telling and best practice through every step of their journey as they start, grow, and sustain their companies. FFI members are Farida El-Agamy and Ramia El-Agamy.

The El Agamy Family, parents Hisham and Antoinette, and their three daughters, Farida, Ramia, and Shereen, are the recipients of the 2018 FFI International Award, for their commitment to the family business field through their magazine and the Tharawat Family Business Forum, a premier network for family businesses in the Middle East, as well as the Women in Family Business Initiative that is active globally.

Hisham El Agamy, Ramia El Agamy

May/July 2018 issue of Tharawat Magazine

TriBridge Partners LLC

TriBridge Partners LLC helps protect the assets of its clients by bridging the exposure gaps to create continuity through the expertise of the firm’s associates in combination with strategies, and solutions. The firm assists its family business clients with continuity planning, multi-generational transitions, and compensation and benefits. FFI members are Jason Ditto, David M. Morris, FFI Fellow, John C. Morris, and Kim Natovitz.

John C. Morris

Congratulations to John C. Morris who was recently appointed principal in the firm.

FFI Organizational Members

FFI organizational members are from Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, UK and USA.

If you have four or more people in your organization who are or would like to be members of FFI, organizational membership may be for you. Contact Lenny Fogel, Member Services, at membership@ffi.org.

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