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Featuring the FFI Organizational Members: Part III
July 10, 2020
July 10, 2020 cover

e are pleased to continue with a third installment highlighting distinguished organizations and educational institutions that are FFI organizational members.

EY Global Family Business Centre of Excellence
EY Global Family Business Centre of Excellence Logo
EY Global Family Business Centre of Excellence is designed to support family businesses, their owners, and their managers, wherever they operate in the world. The Centre brings together advisors from the EY global network to share knowledge and insight to address family business challenges and provide seamless services for internationally based family-owned companies. EY has more than 100 FFI members from more than 30 countries, many of whom have earned a GEN certificate or are currently enrolled in the program. 

June graduates of the GEN certificate program include Megan Brown and Machiel Gosschalk. Alexander Hayward is a member of the GEN faculty, and Marko Nikolić is the Operations and Enablement Lead for the EY Global Family Enterprise Enablement.

Read an article on cybersecurity risks for family enterprise and offices during COVID-19 by Helena Robertsson.

Machiel Gosschalk headshot
Machiel Gosschalk
Alexander Hayward headshot
Alexander Hayward
Marko Nikolić headshot
Marko Nikolić
Helena Robertsson headshot
Helena Robertsson
GMR Group
GMR Group logo
GMR Group is a major player in the Infrastructure Sector, with world-class projects in India and abroad. GMR Group is headquartered in New Delhi and has been developing projects in high-growth areas such as Airports, Energy, Transportation, and Urban Infrastructure. GMR Group is one of the fastest-growing infrastructure enterprises in India, with a rich and diverse experience spanning three decades. FFI members are Mr. G.M Rao and Mr. G.B.S. Raju.

Under the charitable arm of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation is the Parampara Family Business Institute (PBFI), a non-profit research and educational institute which aims to support family businesses in India in their sustainability and perpetuity endeavours through distribution of educational content on relevant topics. #PFBI_Mantra is a new initiative from PFBI, and, over the next few months, will be introducing a series of online talks titled “Essential Mantras for Family Business.”

View more details and register.

Mr. G.M Rao headshot
Mr. G.M Rao
Morgan, Lewis & Bokius LLP
Morgan, Lewis & Bokius LLP logo
From their offices in strategic hubs of commerce, law, and government across North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, the firm of Morgan Lewis works with clients ranging from established, global Fortune 100 companies to enterprising startups. FFI members are John Kober, Jason Ray, and Timothy Rupp.
John Kober headshot
John Kober
Jason Ray headshot
Jason Ray
Timothy Rupp headshot
Timothy Rupp
PwC Family Business Services
PwC Family Business Services logo
PwC helps family businesses manage ownership and growth at every stage, by providing support with family governance, succession planning and business continuity, next generation education and transition, private wealth management and family office, philanthropy, values and purpose, and more. Serving businesses at various points in their journey to success, PwC provides insights and solutions to stay fit for growth and move forward at the right pace. In addition, PwC is continuously developing approaches and advice as the Covid-19 pandemic progresses and is working closely with clients all over the world to help them reconfigure their businesses post-pandemic.

More than 100 PwC family business experts worldwide are FFI members. June graduates of the GEN certificate program include Kaushick Chandra, Kimberley Wilks, and Adnan Zaidi. Francesca Ambrosini is on the 2021 UK/Europe Regional Advisory Committee for FFI. Peter Englisch is the Global Family Business Leader for PwC and a member of the FFI board of directors.

Francesca Ambrosini headshot
Francesca Ambrosini
Kaushick Chandra headshot
Kaushick Chandra
Peter Englisch headshot
Peter Englisch
Kimberley Wilks headshot
Kimberley Wilks
Adnan Zaidi headshot
Adnan Zaidi
Tharawat Magazine
Tharawat Magazine logo
Tharawat Magazine, for family businesses and entrepreneurs, is based in Switzerland and the UAE and inspires family businesses and entrepreneurs with story-telling and best practice through every step of their journey as they start, grow, and sustain their companies. FFI members are Farida El-Agamy and Ramia El-Agamy.

The El Agamy Family—parents Hisham and Antoinette, and their three daughters, Farida, Ramia, and Shereen—received the 2018 FFI International Award for their commitment to the family business field globally through their magazine and the Tharawat Family Business Forum.

Listen to the Tharawat series of family business podcasts.

Farida El Agamy headshot
Farida El Agamy
Ramia El Agamy headshot
Ramia El Agamy
TriBridge Partners, LLC
TriBridge Partners, LLC logo
TriBridge Partners LLC helps protect the assets of its clients by bridging the exposure gaps to create continuity through the expertise of the firm’s associates in combination with strategies and solutions. The firm assists its family business clients with continuity planning, multi-generational transitions, and compensation and benefits. FFI members are Jay Menton, David M. Morris, John C. Morris, and Kim Natovitz.

Learn more about their business owners and family business consulting services.

David M. Morris headshot
David M. Morris
John C. Morris headshot
John C. Morris
Kim Natovitz headshot
Kim Natovitz

FFI Organizational Members

Fast Facts
Of the nearly 2000 members in FFI, 56 are currently participating as organizational members.

Of these 56:

40 are professional organizations with a total of 582 individual members included in their membership.
The individual members come from 76 countries.
Congratulations to the six current organizational members that have been in this category for more than 30 years!

13 are educational organizations with a total of 52 individual members included in their membership.
The individual members come from 10 countries.
Congratulations to Loyola University Chicago, Family Business Center and Jönköping International Business School for being the first educational organizational members more than 20 years ago!

3 are association members with a total of 203 members included in their membership.
The individual members come from 24 countries.
Congratulations to Family Business Australia for being the first in this category when it was established in 2003!

FFI is the leading association worldwide and the organization of choice for advisors, consultants, educators, researchers, and family enterprise members who help perpetuate trans-generational family business wealth.
FFI Annual Global Conference in October:
Something for everyone
The 2020 FFI annual global conference now has something for everyone! In response to the challenges presented by COVID-19, the FFI annual global conference has become a hybrid event – two days of virtual presentations and two days of in-person with no overlap in the four days.
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July 03, 2020 cover
Today we feature the Q2 GEN graduates: those receiving Family Business Advising (CFBA), Family Wealth Advising (CFWA), Dual (CFBA/CFWA), and Advanced (ACFBA and ACFWA) certificates. These individuals, who come from around the world and across disciplines, have accessed and completed programs of curated material and research-based resources with their peers and a highly skilled faculty—developing a global network of fellow students who advise and study multi-generational families.

Please join us in congratulating their outstanding achievement.