FFI On Friday | February 16, 2018

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FFI Media Sponsors – and Much More

One of the strategic goals identified by the FFI Board of Directors in 2017 was to expand public awareness of FFI and the field through an extended network of media sponsors.

Currently there are five media sponsors working with FFI in promoting everything from FFI Practitioner, to the global conference, our awards program, GEN certificates and much more. If you are aware of social media outlets, online and digital print organizations, or appropriate individuals who might enjoy working with FFI and expanding public awareness, please contact Brigett Owens at brigett@ffi.org.

For now, please join us in thanking the current media sponsors!

FFI Media Sponsors

Campden Wealth

Campden Wealth is an independent family-owned business providing knowledge, intelligence, and connectivity for family businesses, family offices, and significant private investors worldwide. It publishes CampdenFB magazine which provides business-owning families of substantial wealth with the knowledge, insight and vital business intelligence they require for successfully managing their enterprises and supporting their families.

Thanks to Dominic Samuelson in the London office and Brien Biondi in the New York office – and to Nick Moody in New Zealand who recently wrote for FFI Practitioner.

Dominic Samuelson

Brien Biondi

Nick Moody

Family Business Place

Family Business Place is a vibrant UK community for family-owned businesses and the entrepreneurs who lead them. It hosts national conferences, awards, and forums, as well as advising on some of the biggest challenges including succession planning and resolving family conflict.

Anita Brightley-Hodges

Thanks to Anita Brightley-Hodges for promoting the family enterprise field, FFI, and the 2018 global conference. Anita is also finishing an Advanced GEN Certificate in Family Business Advising.

Family Business United

FBU is an award-winning magazine, resource centre and events organisation championing the contribution that family businesses make to the global economy. FBU is an innovative community with family businesses at the heart of all that it does — irrespective of size, age or sector.

Paul Andrews

It was formed out of the passion of its founder, Paul Andrews, who has more than 20 years’ experience of working with and in various family firms and advisory organisations with family business clients.

Tharawat Magazine – The Publication for Family Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Through its collection of more than 1000 website articles, a quarterly print issue, and a fast-growing podcast, Tharawat Magazine inspires family businesses and entrepreneurs through every step of their journey as they start, grow, and sustain their companies.

Ramia El-Agamy

Tharawat features FFI members and programs in each issue and its website, thanks to editor–in-chief Ramia El-Agamy.

Trusted Family

Trusted Family brings value to multigenerational family businesses and family offices by enhancing their communication and collaboration activities, and by bridging invaluable board and shareholder meetings and conversations via a secure digital, permission-based and centralized framework.

Elvira Orza

Edouard Thijssen

Frank Tobé

Zita Nikoletta Verbenyi

Thanks to the Trusted Family team, Elvira Orza, Edouard Thijssen, Frank Tobé, and Zita Nikoletta Verbenyi for producing these videos on FFI in 2016 and the introductory videos on the new GEN platform in 2017.

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