FFI On Friday | November 24, 2017

Prepared Exclusively for FFI Members

From the FFI chair

Dear Colleagues,
It was my pleasure last month to meet more than 350 FFI members from around the world at the annual global conference in Chicago.

Prior to the conference the board had a mid-year look on where we are with our strategic planning, welcomed new board members and elected officers for the coming year. At the conference itself, we were privileged to hear the insights of keynote presenters Helen Fisher, Paul Carbone, Marco Tempest and Craig Aronoff. We also presented a number of awards and honored outgoing FBR editor, Pramodita Sharma, and welcomed incoming editor, Tyge Payne. And much more.

Playing off the old axiom that a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some photos:

Joining the board as elected directors are:

Fabian Bernhard
EDHEC Business School

Asher Noor
AlTouq Group

Serving on the executive committee for 2018 are:

David Harvey

Carlo Salvato
Vice Chair

Debbie Bing

Dan Bayston

Michael Connolly

Judy Green

Inspiring attendees were keynotes:

Helen Fisher
Chief Scientific Officer for Match.com

Paul Carbone
Managing Partner, Pritzker Private Capital Group – read his interview on FFI Practitioner

Marco Tempest
Cyber magician and illusionist

Craig Aronoff
FFI Fellow, former FFI president and co-founder of The Family Business Consulting Group

Receiving awards were:

Best Unpublished Paper Honorable Mention
Dennis Ma (Left);
Best Doctoral Dissertation
Hanqing Fang (Right); Best Doctoral Dissertation Committee Chair, Dianne Welsh (Center)

Best FBR Article
Olivier Meier (Right) and Guillaume Schier (Left)

Richard Beckhard Practice Award
Drew Mendoza

Barbara Hollander Award
Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton-Miller

Interdisciplinary Award
Christine Blondel

International Award
Dennis Jaffe
with Gala Dinner Emcee, Robyn Scott of The Second City

Receiving GEN Scholarships, Certificates and becoming FFI Fellows:

de Visscher & Co. Scholarship Recipent
Cinzia Dessi pictured with her son and François de Visscher

Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates Scholarship Recipient
Shipra Seefeldt

Crystal & Company Scholarship
Presented by Mary Gust

CFBA Graduates

CFBA/CFWA Graduates

CFWA Graduates

ACFBA Graduates

ACFWA Graduates

2017 FFI Fellows

Receiving thanks for years of dedicated service:

Jared Kaplan

Pramodita Sharma
FBR Editor

Lloyd Steier
FFI Vice Chair

Enjoying the conference

  • More than 350 attendees
  • 100 presenters

All in all, a great event and a tribute to the vibrancy of FFI itself and to the hard work of the Program and Planning Committees. Please encourage friends and colleagues to join the FFI community and mark your calendars for October 24-27 in London.

David Harvey
FFI Board Chair