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Meet the GEN Advanced Certificate Faculty Members
August 07, 2020
August 07, 2020 cover

his week we are proud, pleased, and enthusiastic about featuring the eight faculty members who serve in the Advanced Certificate program. They teach the following courses:

GEN 502: Family Governance in the Family Enterprise: A key structural element in family enterprise governance

Gen 503: Tools for Positive Change in Family Business Systems: Analysis and application

GEN 504: Meaning and Purpose: Philanthropy and the Family Enterprise

Here they are with some of their thoughts on why they participate in this important FFI educational initiative.

James Coutre headshot
James Coutre
GEN 504
James Coutre is vice president of Insights and Connections at Fidelity Family Office Services in Boston. Prior to joining Fidelity, he was a partner at The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI).
Being GEN faculty pushes me to continually rethink the issues I think I know. The evolution of conversations in our GEN class year after year highlights how dynamic our field of work is. I value the way the GEN program connects me with emerging thinking and leaders from around the globe.
Jennifer East headshot
Jennifer East
GEN 502
FFI Fellow Jennifer East is the founder of ONIDA Family Advisors, Inc., an international coaching and consulting firm headquartered in Miami, Florida. She specializes in working with family businesses and financial families.
Being a GEN faculty member is a real honor.  The students bring such vitality and freshness to class discussions. The highlight for me is always the collective learning around real family cases the students bring forward. Everyone—including the instructors—leaves the course revitalized, reconnected to our global community, and equipped with something new to apply to their work.
Neus Feliu headshot
Neus Feliu
GEN 503
FFI Fellow Neus Feliu is a consultant, researcher, and educator in the area of family enterprises. Based in Barcelona, Spain, she is a partner at Lansberg, Gersick & Associates LLC, a global professional advisory firm.
The GEN courses bring together theory and practice, established and rigorous tools and new methodologies. Practitioners of different disciplines and levels of expertise attend, contributing to a deeper and richer learning environment for all. As faculty, GEN has allowed me to develop a framework for translating experience into a teaching tool for new consultants and colleagues and has kept me connected to our Global FFI community and able to collaborate with great colleagues.
Andrew Hier headshot
Andrew Hier
GEN 503
FFI Fellow and recipient of the 2020 Interdisciplinary Achievement Award, Andrew Hier is a senior partner with Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise where he assists clients across generations with ownership, business, and family issues.
Our focus in GEN 503 is on Tools for Positive Change in Family Business Systems. There are complex challenges in converting theoretical concepts into practical frameworks that can move families and family enterprises forward. Global participants always add cultural considerations to the approaches suggested, contribute to the discussion, and add new practice puzzles they are facing. Often new solutions will emerge.
Dennis Jaffe headshot
Dennis Jaffe
GEN 502
FFI Fellow Dennis Jaffe is a professor emeritus of organizational systems and psychology at Saybrook University and a family business advisor. A recipient of the FFI Richard Beckhard Practice Award, Dennis has published widely in the field.
GEN is more than a course. The GEN courses and curriculum form an entryway from being a practitioner in a single field to being part of a mutidisciplinary reality of work. From the early days of in-person programs to the development of online courses, GEN has defined for practitioners all over the world the systemic and interconnected nature of our work. GEN also has allowed me to get to know folks from all over the world as they deepen their engagement in family enterprise work.
Steve Legler headshot
Steve Legler
GEN 502
Steve Legler is a Family Legacy Advisor based in Montreal, Canada. He works with families on their intergenerational wealth transitions and acts as a facilitator, coach, and mediator, as needed.
As a new member of the GEN Faculty, I am proud to be part of this illustrious group. When I followed the program years ago, I was so impressed with the geographic and cultural dispersion of the people taking the courses, and that continues to be one of the greatest gifts that GEN provides for students.

Our field is still relatively young, and the GEN program is the best way for us all to share the knowledge and advance the field for everyone. I’m grateful to be able to be a part of it.

Maya Prabhu headshot
Maya Prabhu
GEN 504
FFI Fellow Maya Prabhu is Managing Director and Head of Wealth Advisory for J.P. Morgan Private Bank. She is a member of the FFI board of directors and the 2086 Society.
It is a great privilege to be a faculty member at FFI. I have really enjoyed partnering with Jim Coutre to develop and shape the content of our course. It is wonderful to meet FFI members from around the world, and most importantly, it is an opportunity to learn from the rich experience and perspectives of our participants.
Kirby Rosplock headshot
Kirby Rosplock
GEN 502
FFI Fellow Kirby Rosplock is founder and principal of Tamarind Partners, Inc., and a recognized researcher, innovator, advisor, author, and speaker in the field. A widely published author, she is a recipient of the Richard Beckhard Practice Award.
As GEN faculty, I am rewarded and inspired by the forward momentum of the family business field and the direction of top advisors being drawn to the multidisciplinary education and advancement provided by the GEN certificate program.
Want to meet these faculty members in October? Enroll now!
Monday, October 26 with Neus Feliu and Andrew Hier

Tuesday, October 27, virtual A or B, which incorporates GEN 504 and includes presentations by James Coutre, Steve Legler, and Maya Prabhu

Wednesday, October 28, virtual A or B with a segment hosted by Jennifer East and a presentation by Dennis Jaffe

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