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New Books by FFI Members

In addition to being a professional association, FFI is also very much an intellectual community with members active in teaching, presenting, and writing, as well as providing advice and counsel and conducting research.

Today we are pleased to feature new books by FFI members. If we missed yours, please let us know!

This new edition, edited by STEP, considers what makes business families and family businesses unique and examines the issues that advisers are often called upon to consider and address when assisting them. It helps practitioners to deepen their understanding of how families operate, and to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to advise on such complex areas as conflicts between working and non-working family members, ownership structure, succession, wealth management, governance, and meeting a family’s philanthropic objectives.

This book features chapters by FFI members, including: Christine Blondel (“Understanding the business family”); Judy Green (“Roles, relationships and responsibilities”); Ivan Lansberg and Maria Dolores Moreno (“Preparing for transfer of ownership”); Ken McCracken (“Governance and management”); Alexander Scott (“Managing succession, managing wealth”). Christine, Ivan, and Alex will all be presenters at the FFI Global Conference in London.

Christine Blondel

Maria Dolores Moreno

Judy Green

Ken McCracken

Ivan Lansberg

Alexander Scott

Complete Family Wealth is a comprehensive resource for growing, maintaining, and managing wealth across generations. The authors ground the book in a clear account of the “five capitals:” human, intellectual, social, spiritual, and financial. The discussion covers the “what,” “who,” and “how” of family wealth management in clearly-delineated chapters that allow you to dip in as needed, from the principles of family enterprise to family governance, philanthropy, and more. Each family member plays a distinct role, and by exploring each member’s responsibilities in terms of the family enterprise, this book provides insights and ideas for real-world families struggling with all-too-common challenges.

James E. Hughes, Jr., FFI Fellow, has written numerous books and articles on family governance and wealth preservation, including Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family and Family – The Compact Among Generations. Go here for an interview with Jay in FFI Practitioner.

James E. Hughes Jr.

This is one of the first books of its kind to highlight family firms in a Latin American context, helping readers to understand the distinctive nature and challenges of Latin American family businesses and how these issues compare to family businesses around the world. Building on their experience in teaching, research, speaking, and consulting on the subject of family firms in Latin America, the editors explain the need to implement and adapt traditional frameworks in the changing Latin American reality.

Claudio G. Müller is a professor of management at the School of Economics and Business at Universidad de Chile. Isabel C. Botero is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship and family enterprise at Stetson University. Allan Discua Cruz is a lecturer in entrepreneurship at the Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Innovation (DESI) at Lancaster University Management School. Ram Subramanian is professor of leadership at Stetson University.

Claudio G. Müller

Isabel C. Botero

Allan Discua Cruz

Ram Subramanian

This book is now available in paperback. It describes the journey of long-term resilient families over three to more than six generations. These families pursue business opportunities together while passing their legacy values, culture and resources to each new generation. While few family enterprises reach this milestone, those that do amass impressive resources, having a powerful impact on the community, global commerce, and the environment.

Dennis is an FFI Fellow and the recipient of the FFI 2017 International Award and 2005 Richard Beckhard Practice Award. He will be presenting on this topic at the FFI Global Conference and discusses it further in an FFI Practitioner podcast.

Dennis Jaffe

Learn the concepts the author has used successfully in family business consulting work with more than five hundred families over the past three decades. The book includes case studies, worksheets, and assessments on topics such as Family Values: Heart and Soul; Common Family Vision™; The Business of Gratitude; Family Business Best Practices; and Advice for Advisors, all to tap into the soul of family business.

Tom Hubler, FFI Fellow and founding member, is the owner of Hubler for Business Families, a firm that helps family businesses manage the boundary between their business/financial concerns and family relationships.

Tom Hubler

Wealth of Wisdom offers essential guidance and tools to help high-net-worth families successfully manage significant wealth. By compiling the 50 most common questions surrounding protection and growth, this book provides a compendium of knowledge from experts around the globe and across disciplines. Vital charts, graphics, questionnaires, worksheets and other tools help advisors organized and develop a strategy for their clients’ family wealth, while case studies show how other families have handled various dilemmas. Edited by FFI member Tom McCullough it features articles by more than 20 FFI members.

Tom McCullough, FFI Fellow, is chairman, CEO, and CIO of Northwood Family Office, an independent, privately-owned boutique family office, which provides comprehensive Net Worth Management™ to wealthy Canadian and global families.

Tom McCullough

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