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On Stage in London –
FFI Academics

Last month we featured the conference presentations that will be on the Main Stage in October in London.

Today, we give you a Sneak Preview of presentations by Academics – often sharing the stage with seasoned practitioners.

Curtain up!

Artistic Engaged Scholarship: Creative art labs on family business

This presentation introduces the notion of ‘artistic engaged scholarship’ and discusses the challenges in communicating research and delivering impact. Participants will be asked to explore a number of artistic exhibitions before the end of the session with an interactive discussion on participants’ thoughts and what they learned from the session.


Jane Glover
University of Birmingham

Kiran Trehan
University of Birmingham

Celebrating the Past, Writing the History of the Future

The session contributes to the festival of family business ideas through a celebration of 50 years of research and practice, with a particular focus on the experience of David Bork. We engage in a reflection with the audience to shape the future on how best we can serve family businesses.


Christine Blondel

David Bork
Family Business Matters

Rania Labaki
EDHEC Business School

The Generative Alliance: Culture and evolution of 100-year family enterprises

This session will share stories from two family leaders and a research study about cross-generational evolution of global 100-year family enterprises. We explore the generative alliance that integrates family stakeholders, including stewards concerned with legacy and culture, craftsmen creating a disciplined business structure, and opportunists seeking innovative opportunities and new pathways.


Dennis Jaffe
Wise Counsel Research

Alex Scott

Andrew Wates
Wates Group

The Jousting between the Family and the Business Needs. Who will win?

Balance between the family and the business is important for the sustainability of the family business. The intersect between rationality and emotions creates the perfect arena for a battle between the business’s profitability and family’s prerogative. This session will simulate difficult situations where participants have to choose the best scenario.


Luis Jimenez Castillo
WPI/Universidad Panamerica

Kirby Rosplock
Tamarind Partners

The Power of Contracting

Contracting is an often overlooked, but critically important, element of engaging and working with family enterprise clients when contracting with multiple family members in complex and sensitive landscapes. This session explores contracting best practices to avoid pitfalls that often result when contracting is done poorly.


Judi Cunningham
Kennesaw State University

Wendy Sage-Hayward
The Family Business Consulting Group

Reimagining Experience: New ways of learning in family business

Rather than relying on formal institutions or programs, education is moving toward experience and helping create self-directed learners. This interactive session will walk participants through a design thinking experience on how to rethink education for family enterprises. Leave with concrete ideas on how to reach the rising generation.


Jared Byas
Delaware Valley Family Business Center

Victor Saad
Experience Institute

Socratic Dialog: A revolutionary tool for business families

In this workshop, participants will be exposed to a revolutionary new insight and methodology: Socratic Dialog. After a short explanation of the basic elements that define Socratic Dialog, participants will experience, on a practical level, the enormous possibilities that this methodology offers to develop healthy and competent business families.


Sira Abenoza
ESADE Business School and Socratic Dialog Institute

Alberto Gimeno
ESADE Business School and Socratic Dialog Institute

To Share or Not to Share: How will the shared economy impact the field of family business?

AirBNB, Uber, Zipcar—the shared economy is disrupting industries across the world. This session will look at the basic principles of the shared economy and engage with the audience to explore the potential for the shared economy to disrupt the field of advising family businesses.


Giana Eckhardt
University of London

Andrew Keyt
Loyola University Chicago

Domingo Such
Perkins Coie

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