May 21, 2021
Prepared Exclusively for FFI Members
The Ins and Outs of the FFI Websites
May 21, 2021
May 21, 2021

very now and then in our FFI on Friday member newsletter, it seems like a good idea to remind the membership of the incredible resources available to them on the FFI websites—especially for members who are not aware that there are three of them! They are,, and

Read on for more details and ideas on how to make the most of these features of your membership.

This website was launched in the mid 1990s, and while it was au courant then, today’s website is much more comprehensive. Let’s walk through it:

screenshot of website
FFI Practitioner began as a printed newsletter in 2005! In 2012 it became an online publication, and in 2018 it debuted as a weekly digital publication. All FFI members receive the weekly issue directly each Wednesday, and the FFI Practitioner website has archived articles from 2012 forward. A taxonomy and a search function help readers to navigate article topics and find articles by favorite authors.
screenshot of website
Here is a look at the navigation menu:

This website, launched in 2017, is devoted to the Certificate Program—both the core and the advanced offerings.
screenshot of website
The site’s features include the Core programs, Advanced programs, courses, and the course schedule.

  • To see the great faculty, go here
  • To see the GEN scholarship recipients since 2011, go here — and watch for the 2021 scholarship recipient announcement in an upcoming FFI on Friday.
We hope you’ll make use of all three websites and that you’ll also let colleagues and friends know about them. In the meantime, don’t forget to update your profile on!
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May 14, 2021
Of course, we hope many FFI members will join the October 21-23 in-person conference in London this year, but our experience with last year’s excellent virtual conference and the ever-changing travel rules have provided a reason to host two days of outstanding presentations virtually on October 18 and 19.

Here are some highlights from these two days. If you want to continue your professional education online, do not miss this opportunity. You can still attend in person later in the week, since all four days are modular.

Read on for details on the October 18–19 presentations and to register!

Dates to Remember
Q2 GEN Enrollment Deadline
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Joint meeting for FFI Midwest Chapter and FFI New England Chapter, with speaker Mitzi Perdue
Last day to enroll in the C&S directory for Q2
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Save the Date: FFI on Monday Summer School begins