a limited series for extending virtual connections and learning
a limited series for extending virtual connections and learning
Welcome to FFI on Monday

In response to the many in-person meetings and conferences that have been, or will be, cancelled between now and the end of June, FFI, with help from its global membership, is offering these online educational experiences for members and friends.

Open to all at no charge, these webinars continue through the end of June. Each webinar lasts for one hour. Please enroll for one or more of them today!

Monday, June 29
10:00AM Eastern Time
Behavioral Economics and CEO Decision Making in Family Firms
Presenter: FFI Fellow James Olan Hutcheson
Are CEO’s in family firms different than CEO’s of non-family firms? Are the decision processes and outcomes different between these two groups? As a graduate student at the London School of Economics, Jim compared decision making among CEO’s of family and non-family from a Behavioral Economics perspective. The results of this original research may challenge some conventional beliefs about the quality and competencies of family business CEO’s.
About the presenter
James Olan Hutcheson is the founder of REGENERATION. Jim led his family firm for more than 20 years to become one of the largest in the world and has advised other family firms for more than 25 years. Jim is the author of two books and is an FFI Fellow and recipient of the Richard Beckhard award.