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Global Education Network Advanced Courses Virtual Offering 2021

GEN 503

Tools for Positive Change in Family Enterprise Systems: Analysis and application
(Two half-day virtual seminars, offered in April)

Upcoming Dates:
Monday, April 12 8:00AM to 12:00PM ET and Tuesday, April 13, 8:00AM-12:00PM ET

About the Course:

  • an overview of family enterprise tools, frameworks and techniques for analyzing family enterprise cases, achieving positive change and ultimately, dealing with the complex issues that consultants face when assisting family enterprises.
  • the seminar will present a sample of tools that serve different purposes such as a) analyzing the needs and challenges facing the family enterprise system; b) the development of key governance elements, including a values and mission statement, family communication policy, family member employment policy, and c) helping to facilitate different interventions, including the eruption of conflict.
  • through the seminar, students will gain insight into the skills required for family enterprise professionals to adequately apply and eventually achieve positive change for their clients.
  • a unique feature of this seminar is the “hands on” approach, devoting an important part of the course to group dynamics, shared analysis and role-playing exercises in a safe learning environment.
  • one of the main goals is learning how a careful application of appropriate tools assists in the development of valuable collaborative progress among family enterprise participants.

What to expect for the two-half day seminar:

The seminar is a combination of theory and practice, weighted towards the practical. Interwoven with the introduction of concepts and tools by the faculty are practical exercises in working groups or break-out rooms, report-outs to the full assembly with invited questions and commentary, all leading to relevant individual and group learning.

Andrew Hier
Andrew is a senior partner with Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise where he assists clients with ownership, business and family issues, including development of the next generation and conflict management.

Neus Feliu
Dr. Neus Feliu is a consultant, researcher and educator in the area of family enterprises. She is a partner at Lansberg, Gersick & Associates LLC, a global professional advisory firm supporting the world’s leading family enterprises on all aspects of governance and continuity, often as they face complex generational transitions.

GEN 504

Philanthropy, Investing and the Enterprise: Advising families in pursuit of impact
(Two half-day virtual seminars, offered in April)

Upcoming Dates:
Monday, April 19 8:00AM to 12:00PM ET and Tuesday, April 20, 8:00AM to 12:00PM ET

About the Course:

  • understanding how today’s wealthy individuals, families, and their family offices express values and work towards social and environmental impacts through philanthropic giving, operating businesses, and investments (including impact investing)
  • identifying practical approaches, both relevant and rigorous, to position philanthropy at the heart of conversations on values, succession planning, and preparing the next generation
  • presenting practical approaches to help your clients shape their philanthropy as a family and develop tools to engage the rising generation
  • understanding how leading business families incorporate environmental, social and governance goals in their operating businesses
  • understanding the spectrum of sustainable investment opportunities and how clients can get started – from impact and thematic investing to responsible investment in the public and private markets

Opportunities for debate, case studies and reflective exercises to enhance learning will be included.

James Coutre
Jim is vice president of Insights and Connections at Fidelity Family Office Services in Boston. Prior to joining Fidelity, he was a partner at The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI).

Maya Prabhu
Maya is Managing Director and Head of Wealth Advisory for J.P. Morgan Private Bank. She is a member of the FFI board of directors and the 2086 Society.