2086 Society Requests Proposals on Two Topics
Weekly Edition • July 22, 2020
2086 Society Requests Proposals on Two Topics
FFI Practitioner July 22, 2020 Cover
From FFI Practitioner
This issue of FFI Practitioner is pleased to present the 2086 Society’s requests for proposals (RFPs) for two applied research topics. Deadline for applications is September 15, 2020.
Dear Colleagues,

We are enthused to present this year’s topics for 2020 grants to encourage applied research in the family enterprise field. The details are below. We hope you will considering applying and/or forwarding this information to individuals or organizations that might be interested.


The Members of the 2086 Society

Research Context:

The world is in a state of extended crisis, making now not a time for business as usual for family enterprises. Yet long-lived family businesses have seen crises before – not exactly like this one – but extraordinary challenges, nonetheless. The vivid backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic has informed the 2086 Society’s thinking about the two RFP being requested for this year’s research topics. For example:

  • Things that are important in the long run may not seem significant right now. Today’s burning issues may seem irrelevant later, i.e., this year’s research proposals should work within the current context, addressing issues that are relevant now and discussing how they could/should/will be meaningful in the future.
  • Many individuals and organizations have the sense that this is a pivotal time for our global society and economy. While no one can be sure exactly what will be different in the future, it is possible to look for long-term markers of change along with short-term adaptations. Long-term markers of change would signal a persistent, potentially systemic adjustment in how family businesses function. Short term adaptations will reveal themselves to be temporary reactions that fade away. Presumably, having a deeper understanding of both would be meaningful for family enterprises as they navigate future crises and adapt to the “new normal” that ensues after the urgency fades.

Request for Proposals on Two Topics:

  • The Future of Work and its Implications for Practice with Multi-generational Family Enterprises

For description and online submission:

  • The Role of the Advisor in Fostering Family Enterprise Governance Durability

For description and online submission:


by Claudia Astrachan, Matthias Waldkirch, Anneleen Michiels, Torsten Pieper, and Fabian Bernhard
To read last year’s research report, click on the link below.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applications from educational institutions, family enterprise organizations, family offices, and multi-generational companies as well as individual advisors, consultants, and researchers from across the globe are eligible to apply. Applications must be submitted in English.

Key dates:

  • Proposal Deadline: September 15, 2020 (midnight EDT)
  • Anticipated Full Proposal Notification Date: October 15, 2020
  • Anticipated Period of Performance: November 1, 2020 through August 15, 2021 (projects may be shorter but not longer than this time frame)

Expected Approximate Monetary Range of Grants

Individual projects requesting up to $30,000 for a one-year project will be considered.

About the 2086 Society: The 2086 Society was created by FFI in 2018 to reinforce FFI’s role as a leader in advancing the field of family enterprise through its core strategies of education, research, and public awareness — and to build on its mission to be the most influential global network of thought leaders in the field of family enterprise. 20086 Society members are Patricia Annino, Fredda Herz Brown, John Davis, Nancy Drozdow, Judy Green, Paul Karofsky, and Maya Prabhu