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A Way to Prevent Catastrophic Family Quarrels

Weekly Edition • May 23, 2018

From FFI Practitioner

When an unexpected disaster strikes, and family members are unaware of a patriarch or matriarch’s end-of-life care wishes, then decisions about how to proceed can create deep-seated and long-lasting conflict that can destroy a family business. This week’s contributors, Mitzi Perdue and Jane Beddall share insights from their experiences and advice about how to address this sensitive subject with your clients.

Eight Strategies for Conflict Management in Family Meetings

Weekly Edition • May 16, 2018

From FFI Practitioner

Thanks to Marianna Martinez, a member of the FFI IberoAmercian Virtual Study Group, for this article entitled, “Eight Strategies for Conflict Management in Family Meetings.” You have your choice of reading it in English or in Spanish! More articles from this group will be forthcoming. We appreciate their taking the lead in helping us publish in two languages!

Trust Owned Family Enterprises: Pitfalls and practical suggestions when naming trustees who also serve on Board of Directors:
A case study

Weekly Edition • May 09, 2018

From FFI Practitioner

Thanks to this week’s contributor, Harvey Taraday of TCH Partners LLP for his comprehensive examination of an often utilized but seldom examined step of the consulting process, the engagement letter.