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Family Businesses in Germany – total lack of trust(s)?

Weekly Edition • January 15, 2020
FFI Practitioner: January 15, 2020 cover

From FFI Practitioner

For advisors working with family business clients operating across multiple countries, it is important to keep informed about jurisdictional differences and how they could impact your clients. This week, we are pleased to share such an example, and we thank Stephan Ebner for this examination of German inheritance law, which does not recognize the concept of trusts.

Applied Research and An Invitation

Weekly Edition • January 8, 2020
FFI Practitioner: January 8, 2020 cover

From FFI Practitioner

Welcome to the first issue of FFI Practitioner in 2020. Or, if you prefer, a precursor issue to the Year of the Rat, which begins on January 25. This issue features a report of the first applied research project sponsored by the FFI 2086 Society. It is entitled “Professionalizing the Business Family: The Five Pillars of Competent, Committed and Sustainable Ownership.” Three other recent studies are also included as FFI Practitioner continues to place before its readers the latest in applied research, creating a forum for researchers and practitioners to interact on specific topics. Read more for the “invitation” which accompanies each report.

FFI Practitioner: Most Popular Articles of 2019
Weekly Edition • December 18, 2019
FFI Practitioner: Most Popular Articles of 2019

From FFI Practitioner

With the new year around the corner and a new decade on its way, here is a look at the most popular articles in 2019. We’re pleased to say that, thanks to our outstanding contributors, we’ve never missed an issue this year! So in addition to these Top 10, please enjoy the other 42 articles that appeared in FFI Practitioner since last January.

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