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Succession Planning Using OKR Leadership: A case study
Weekly Edition • February 19, 2020
FFI Practitioner: February 19, 2020 cover

From FFI Practitioner

In this week’s edition, we are pleased to share a piece about OKR Leadership, a management methodology that can help advisors organize and measure their clients’ succession planning process. Thanks to Doug Gray for providing this article, which includes background on OKR Leadership and how it can help with succession planning, as well as an illustrative case study.

The Natural Advantage of Family Businesses
Weekly Edition • February 12, 2020
FFI Practitioner: February 12, 2020 cover

From FFI Practitioner

With the current emphasis in the field on professionalizing family business governance, this week’s contributor, Ken McCracken, explores a different approach to governance based on what the family may already be doing successfully. In his article, Ken explains the implications of this “natural governance” and cautions advisors about immediately recommending more formal governance practices based on external standards without first understanding what the client is already doing naturally.

Cases for Clients: 2020
Weekly Edition • February 5, 2020
FFI Practitioner: February 5, 2020 cover

From FFI Practitioner

For this week’s edition, we are pleased to continue our series featuring a diverse selection of family business cases previously published in FFI Practitioner. These family business cases can serve as effective tools to incorporate into consulting and educational work with clients and further the FFI Practitioner mission to provide readers with practical materials that support their work with multi-generational family enterprises.

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