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Commentary #5 on Professionalizing the Business Family: A research report sponsored by the FFI 2086 Society
Weekly Edition • May 27, 2020
FFI Practitioner May 27, 2020 Cover

From FFI Practitioner

This week, we are pleased to continue the series of commentaries on the 2086 Society sponsored research “Professionalizing the Business Family: The Five Pillars of Competent, Committed and Sustainable Ownership.” Thank you to Annika Hall, Anneleen Michiels, and Matthias Waldkirch for this article expanding on the report’s findings regarding the importance of developing constructive communication as a central ownership competence. Michiels and Waldkirch were part of the editorial team that conducted the original research.

Disruption-in-Disruptions: Eight actions advisors should bring to their client families
Weekly Edition • May 20, 2020
FFI Practitioner: May 20, 2020 Cover

From FFI Practitioner

During times of disruption, how can family enterprise advisors help their clients navigate unchartered waters to survive turbulence and prepare for an unpredictable future? In this week’s edition, Jeremy Cheng provides eight actions that business families can take to help secure a sustainable future.

The Benefits of Coaching for Family Enterprise Leaders and Practitioners
Weekly Edition • May 13, 2020
FFI Practitioner: May 13, 2020 Cover

From FFI Practitioner

Thanks to Greg McCann for this week’s article discussing some widely held notions about professional coaching and how family enterprise leaders and advisors can maximize their leadership development through effective coaching.

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