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Investor Relations Jiu Jitsu in Family-Owned Business

Weekly Edition • June 20, 2018

From FFI Practitioner

In this week’s FFI Practitioner, Bruce Walton of Battalia Winston addresses the question of how Investor Relations differ in family-owned businesses. His conclusions, based on interviews with accomplished governance leaders, fall into three common themes – communicate, educate, and “mechanate.”

The Future of the Three-Circle Model: A conversation between Pramodita Sharma and John Davis

Weekly Edition • June 13, 2018

From FFI Practitioner

This week’s FFI Practitioner concludes our two-part series commemorating the 40th anniversary of the influential Three-Circle Model. Thank you to FFI Fellows, Pramodita Sharma and John Davis for sharing their insightful conversation about the future of the model, research, and the field.

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Three-Circle Model: An interview with John Davis

Weekly Edition • June 06, 2018

From FFI Practitioner

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary Three-Circle Model, FFI Practitioner is excited to share two editions about the model during the month of June. For the first edition, we’d like to thank Pramodita Sharma for her interview about the inception and impact of the model on the field with one of its two creators, John Davis.