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Family Business Sanity Check

Weekly Edition • September 11, 2019
Family Business Sanity Check

From FFI Practitioner

In today’s world, family business owners have a lot to worry about – from rising taxes to developing future leadership. Thank you to this week’s contributor, Matthew Erskine, for providing a “sanity checklist” that advisors can use with their clients to help identify and evaluate the potential systemic risks within their family enterprises.

Research Applied: FBR Précis for FFI Practitioner

Weekly Edition • September 04, 2019
Research Applied: FBR Précis for FFI Practitioner

From FFI Practitioner

In this week’s FFI Practitioner, we are pleased to share a précis of “Multilayered Socialization Processes in Transgenerational Family Firms” – an article that appears in the September 2019 issue of FBR. Thanks to Guido Corbetta of the FBR Research Applied Board for sharing a summary of the research’s key findings as well as examining practical implications of the research for advisors in the field.

The Role of Risk Management in a Family Enterprise

Weekly Edition • August 28, 2019
The Role of Risk Management in a Family Enterprise

From FFI Practitioner

This week, we are pleased to share an article by Bilal Zein examining the topic of risk management in family enterprises. In the article, Bilal explores the unique risk culture he has observed in family firms and provides advisors with practical recommendations to manage risk when working with family enterprise clients.

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