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Dreams, Values, and Thoughts on Communications Strategies for Family-Owned Companies

Weekly Edition • February 20, 2019

From FFI Practitioner

Thank you to Núria Vilanova, this week’s contributor, for continuing FFI Practitioner’s series of articles written in both English and Spanish by members of the FFI IberoAmerican Virtual Study Group. In this week’s edition, Núria explores the themes of her recent book, which addresses the importance of family enterprises implementing a communication strategy that incorporates the family’s values.

Write for FFI Practitioner

Weekly Edition • February 13, 2019

From FFI Practitioner

Every Wednesday authors for FFI Practitioner share insights on the field of family enterprise advising and consulting from a variety of vantage points. Today we’d like to invite you to Write for FFI Practitioner! And… as inspiration, we point you toward examples of articles from contributors across the globe and some topics that could use more contributors.

Chain of Command Violations: Three traps for the family business
Weekly Edition • February 06, 2019

From FFI Practitioner

Thanks to Mitzi Perdue for this case study discussing some of the perils involved in misunderstanding core concepts underlying the frequently invoked “chain of command.” It is an instructive article for advisors and a case that could be shared with clients.