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Research Applied: FBR Précis for FFI Practitioner

Weekly Edition • March 21, 2018

From FFI Practitioner

In this week’s FFI Practitioner, we are pleased to share a compelling précis of “Nonfamily Members in Family Firms: A Review and Future Research Agenda” – an article that appears in the March 2018 issue of FBR. Thanks to Guido Corbetta of the FBR Research Applied Board for sharing an insightful review of the research’s key findings as well as discussing its practical implications for advisers in the field.

Perceived Self-Interest in the Family Business: An interview with Kirsten Taylor-Martin

Weekly Edition • March 14, 2018

From FFI Practitioner

For this week’s FFI Practitioner, we are excited to share an interview with Kirsten Taylor-Martin about a major piece of research recently conducted by Grant Thornton. The interview, which includes useful tips and insights for advisers working with next gen family members, was actually conducted by a next gen member of Kirsten’s family – her daughter, Angelina Martin!

Differentiation Through Family Business Brands

Weekly Edition • March 07, 2018

From FFI Practitioner

Many family businesses are confronted with the question of whether their corporate branding should highlight the family’s involvement in the business. In this week’s FFI Practitioner, Isabel Botero and Tomasz Fediuk explore both sides of this issue and share three central aspects of family business branding.