Weekly Editions
Commentary #3 on Professionalizing the Business Family: A research report sponsored by the FFI 2086 Society
Weekly Edition • March 25, 2020
Report’s findings about family cohesion

From FFI Practitioner

Thank you to research report authors Claudia Astrachan and Torsten Pieper and FFI Fellow Andrew Keyt for this timely article on family cohesion, explaining how cohesion can drive family enterprise resilience to cope with disruption such as a worldwide pandemic. This is the third in our series of commentaries on the 2086 Society sponsored research on “Professionalizing the Business Family: The Five Pillars of Competent, Committed and Sustainable Ownership.

Changing Demographics in Family Businesses: Highlights from the STEP 2019 Quantitative Survey
Weekly Edition • March 18, 2020
The survey offers some interesting findings and reflection points for global family business leaders

From FFI Practitioner

Thanks to this week’s contributor, Andrea Calabrò, for summarizing the findings of the STEP 2019 Global Family Business Survey, which was introduced in the January 8 FFI Practitioner edition about applied research in the field. This study examined over 1,800 global family business leaders’ views on how increasing demographic and societal changes could impact succession planning and governance in family enterprises.

Transitioning from a Family Business to a Family Brand
Weekly Edition • March 11, 2020
FFI Practitioner: March 11, 2020 cover

From FFI Practitioner

Many family enterprises develop strong branding around their visionary founders. But what happens to this brand when the next generation assumes leadership? Thank you to this week’s contributor, Moira Vetter, for this article exploring how a family enterprise should build the power of its brand in conjunction with succession planning.

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