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Cases for Clients: 2020
Weekly Edition • February 5, 2020
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For this week’s edition, we are pleased to continue our series featuring a diverse selection of family business cases previously published in FFI Practitioner. These family business cases can serve as effective tools to incorporate into consulting and educational work with clients and further the FFI Practitioner mission to provide readers with practical materials that support their work with multi-generational family enterprises.

Behavioral & Management

FFI Practitioner: October 11, 2017 feature image
Bruce H. Walton headshot

“Best Candidates Expect Best Practices”
by Bruce Walton, Battalia Winston


FFI Practitioner: May 8, 2019 featured image
Mitzi Perdue headshot

“Three Communication Skills for Breaking Through Impenetrable Barriers”
by Mitzi Perdue
and Amy A. Castoro, The Williams Group

Family & Business Interface


FFI Practitioner: December 4, 2019 feature image
Eva Wathén headshot

“What is Your Strategic Pulse?”
by Eva Wathén, Bravemotion Oy


FFI Practitioner: January 22, 2020 feature image
Morio Nishikawa headshot

“Case Study: The Seibu Group: The fall of the Seibu empire”
by Morio Nishikawa, Yokohama Consulting Co., Ltd


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