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Research for Clients
Weekly Edition • May 18, 2022
Research for Clients
FFI Practitioner May 18, 2022 cover
From FFI Practitioner
As part of its mission, FFI strives to advance the field of family enterprise through applied research, providing practitioners with practical applications for research conducted by academics from around the world. This week, we are pleased to highlight selected editions that incorporate research conducted on a variety of family enterprise topics.

FBR Précis

FBR Précis: Applying Family Science to Executive Compensation in Family Firms
FFI Practitioner March 23, 2022 cover
by Anneleen Michiels, Isabel C. Botero, and Roland Kidwell
This podcast features a discussion with Anneleen Michiels, Isabel Botero, and Roland Kidwell, discussing their article, “Toward a Family Science Perspective on Executive Compensation in Family Firms: A Review and Research Agenda,” published in the March 2022 issue of FBR.
FBR Précis - Environmental Performance of Family Businesses: Which business logic to follow?
FFI Practitioner April 6, 2022 cover
by Alfredo De Massis and Ivan Miroshnychenko
In their précis of “Family Firms and Environmental Performance: A Meta-Analytic Review,” an article that appears in the March 2022 issue of FBR, the authors provide a summary of the research and key findings, and explore the practical implication of the research for families, advisors, and researchers in the field.

Other Surveys and Studies

Family Purpose in Family Firms: What it looks like and why it’s important
FFI Practitioner: March 16, 2022 cover
by Kendall Cotton Bronk
In her article, Kendall summarizes the results of a research project exploring the role of family purpose in well-established family enterprises.
To Empower Next Generation Members, We Need to Answer Their Questions
FFI Practitioner February 9, 2022 cover
by Peter Jaskiewicz, Sabine Rau, and Katrina Barclay
The authors provide an overview of their recent research into the hopes and desires of next generation members of family enterprises. Their research, which sought to identify the 35 most pressing questions from Next Gens with responses from leading academics and advisors, are described and summarized in this edition of FFI Practitioner.