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FFI Practitioner: Most Popular Articles from the Second Quarter of 2022
Weekly Edition • June 29, 2022
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FFI Practitioner: June 29, 2022 cover
From FFI Practitioner
We hope you’ve been enjoying the articles published in FFI Practitioner so far this year. This week, we’re pleased to share the most popular editions from the second quarter of 2022!
FFI Practitioner: April 6, 2022 cover
Family Business Review
by Alfredo De Massis and Ivan Miroshnychenko
FFI Practitioner: June 15, 2022 cover
Legal; Succession Planning
by Patricia Annino
FFI Practitioner: June 1, 2022 cover
Legal; Family Wealth
by Matthew Erskine
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Thanks to all Q2 authors who have contributed articles on practice and research or joined us for podcasts so far this year!

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