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“Falling in Love with the Future”: An interview with Mark Stevenson and Debbie Bing
Weekly Edition • January 5, 2022
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What better way to welcome the New Year than with an interview with the FFI Futurenaut-in-Residence, Mark Stevenson. We hope you enjoy listening to Mark’s conversation with FFI Chair Debbie Bing and interviewer Jordan Rich, entitled “Falling in Love with the Future.”

Mark will be participating in FFI educational events and online conversations throughout 2022, ending with two days at the FFI Global Conference in Cambridge, MA, with academic host MIT Sloan School of Management.

Mark Stevenson headshot
Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson is a ‘Reluctant Futurist’ and a strategic advisor to governments, NGOs, and corporates, helping them face the intertwined questions the future is asking us—on climate change, inequality, the retreat of democracy, and the failures of the markets to price risk properly (to name just four). His two bestselling books, An Optimist’s Tour of the Future and the award-winning We Do Things Differently, map out some existing and proven solutions to our current dilemmas. He is Futurist Without Borders for Medicines Sans Frontiers (UK), Global Ambassador for Client Earth, and a strategic advisor on peace, security, and climate change to the UK Ministry of Defence.
Debbie Bing headshot
Debbie Bing
Debbie Bing, FFI Fellow and Board chair, is President and Principal at CFAR. As a second-generation owner of CFAR, she draws on personal experience in working through the dilemmas of strategy and succession. She helps business leaders and executive teams in family businesses, entrepreneurial organizations, and foundations to build collaborative approaches to their most pressing business challenges. She can be reached at
Interviewer: Jordan Rich is celebrating a quarter century at one of America’s top legacy radio stations, interviewing thousands of celebrities, authors, actors and interesting personalities throughout his career. Jordan is co-owner of Chart Productions Inc, and also teaches voice-over acting. His main focus these days is in podcast creation and production, featuring conversations with the world’s most creative people.
The FFI 2086 Society
The Futurenaut-in-Residence is brought to FFI and the field in 2022 through a generous grant from the FFI 2086 Society members listed below.
Patricia Annino headshot
Patricia Annino
Rimôn Law
John Davis Headshot
John Davis
Cambridge Family Enterprise Group
Patricia Frishkoff headshot
Patricia Frishkoff
Founder of Center for Family Enterprise at Oregon State University
Judy Green headshot
Judy Green
Family Firm Institute
Paul Karofsky headshot
Paul Karofsky
Transition Consulting Group
Maya Prabhu headshot
Maya Prabhu
J.P. Morgan Private Bank
The 2086 Society was created in 2018 to reinforce FFI’s role as a leader in advancing the field of family enterprise through its core strategies of education, research, and public awareness — and to build on its mission to be the most influential global network of thought leaders in the field of family enterprise.


2022 FFI Global Conference

Submissions for the 2022 FFI Global Conference “Family Enterprise and The Fourth Economy: internally and External Pressure to Change and Adapt” can be made until January 28. Go here for details and to submit a proposal.