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FFI Practitioner: Most Popular Articles from the Second Quarter of 2023
Weekly Edition • July 5, 2023
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FFI Practitioner: July 5, 2023 cover
From FFI Practitioner
We hope you’ve been enjoying the articles published in FFI Practitioner so far this year. This week, we’re pleased to share the most popular editions from the second quarter of 2023!
FFI Practitioner: June 14, 2023 cover
by Omar Romman and Ben Francois
FFI Practitioner: June 7, 2023 cover
Behavioral & Management
an Interview with Doug Gray
FFI Practitioner: April 5, 2023 cover
Practice Insights
an Interview with Dennis Jaffe, Marta Widz, and Hakim Benbadra
FFI Practitioner: June 21, 2023 cover
Strategy & Management
by Maria Milanetti
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Thanks to all the authors who have contributed articles on practice and research or joined us for podcasts so far this year!

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