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Weekly Edition • February 13, 2019
From FFI Practitioner

Every Wednesday authors for FFI Practitioner share insights on the field of family enterprise advising and consulting from a variety of vantage points. Today we’d like to invite you to Write for FFI Practitioner! And… as inspiration, we point you toward examples of articles from contributors across the globe and some topics that could use more contributors.

Authors from around the world

Pacific Rim:
“Mid-Autumn Festival: Lessons for family businesses” by Paul Chung and Chin Chin Koh

Topics less frequently explored—we’d like more on these!

Frequent contributors – we’d like more of you to write more often!
Thanks to the following frequent contributors to FFI Practitioner

Write for FFI Practitioner — Variety is good!

If you want to “write” for FFI Practitioner, please remember that you can actually “talk” for this publication as well, using podcasts and videos in addition to written articles.

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