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The Manifestations of Money in the Business Family: An interview with Claudia Astrachan, Anneleen Michiels, and Randy Waesche
Weekly Edition • October 4, 2023
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FFI Practitioner: October 4, 2023 cover

From FFI Practitioner

FFI Practitioner is pleased to feature a podcast discussion with Claudia Astrachan, Anneleen Michiels, and Randy Waesche. In their conversation, they discuss the topic of their session at the upcoming FFI Global Conference, “Incentive, Punishment, Reward, Control: The Many Misunderstood and Underexplored Manifestations of Money in the Business Family.” This podcast is the first issue in our October series featuring the FFI Global Conference, taking place October 25-27 in New York.

About the Contributors

Claudia Binz Astrachan headshot
Claudia Binz Astrachan, PhD, researcher and lecturer at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, is the head of the governance practice at Generation6, a family business consulting company, and serves on the board of IFERA. Her scientific contributions have been published in peer-reviewed journals, practice-oriented journals, and research reports for the family business community. She can be reached at
Anneleen Michiels headshot
Anneleen Michiels, PhD, CFWA, is an Associate Professor of Finance and Family Business at Hasselt University, Belgium. Her research focuses on the intersection of finance and governance in family businesses and business families and is published in international academic as well as practitioner-oriented journals. She can be reached at
Randolph (Randy) Waesche headshot
D. Randolph (Randy) Waesche, FFI Fellow, spent 42 years as a financial consulting pioneer guiding Resource Management to national prominence. He serves on numerous committees and Boards and is a specialist in family business advising, recognized by Money and WORTH magazines for his expertise. He can be reached at
Interviewer: Jordan Rich is celebrating a quarter century at one of America’s top legacy radio stations, interviewing thousands of celebrities, authors, actors, and interesting personalities throughout his career. Jordan is co-owner of Chart Productions Inc. and teaches voice-over acting. His main focus these days is in podcast creation and production, featuring conversations with the world’s most creative people.


FFI Practitioner: September 20, 2023 cover
FFI Practitioner
Interviewed by Jordan Rich

FFI Practitioner is pleased to host Adam Ifshin, CEO of DLC Management, and Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Professor of Management in the Grossman School of Business at the University of Vermont, in a conversation based on their upcoming session at the FFI Global Conference in New York, October 25-27. In this podcast, hosted by Jordan Rich, they discuss “Evolving the Entrepreneurial Culture in a Changing Talent Landscape.”

2023 FFI Global Conference - Evolving the Conversation: The future of family enterprise advising and research
Academic Host: IMD - Real Learning Real Impact
This year’s event brings together speakers from around the world to share their latest thinking and research on the conference theme.

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