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FFI Practitioner: Bilingual articles from the FFI Iberoamérica Virtual Study Group
Weekly Edition • May 26, 2021
FFI Practitioner: Bilingual articles from the FFI Iberoamérica Virtual Study Group
FFI Practitioner May 26, 2021 Cover
From FFI Practitioner
FFI Practitioner’s mission is to provide thought-provoking analysis, trends, and research for family enterprise professionals on diverse topics from authors around the world. Over the last several years, members of the FFI Iberoamérica Virtual Study Group have submitted a number of bilingual articles on a variety of topics in the field of family enterprise. This week, we are pleased to share a curated selection of these articles written in English and Spanish.
FFI Practitioner February 20, 2019 cover
Author Núria Vilanova

Family Values & Legacy

Dreams, Values, and Thoughts on Communications Strategies for Family-Owned Companies
By Núria Vilanova
FFI Practitioner May 16, 2018 Cover
Author Marianna Martinez


Eight Strategies for Conflict Management in Family Meetings
By Marianna Martinez
FFI Practitioner April 1, 2020 Cover
Author Leonardo J. Glikin


Generational Transfer Models
By Leonardo Glikin


FFI Iberoamerica Study Group logo
The Iberoamérica Virtual Study Group is an online forum to educate, connect and inspire members located in or interested in family enterprise issues in Latin America and Spain. The official language of the group is Spanish.

The Group extends FFI’s core mission by focusing on education and multidisciplinary learning. The Group seeks a multidisciplinary composition to broaden and enrich the learning experience of its members. A geographic mix is also a priority.

FFI Practitioner November 18, 2020 cover
Author Javier Macías


Learn to Live Together, Separate, or Continue in Conflict?
By Javier Macías
FFI Practitioner September, 05, 2018 cover
Author Iñigo Susaeta

Family Office

Managing Wealth as a Business: A Family Office – to be or not to be?
By Iñigo Susaeta
FFI Practitioner June 27, 2018 cover
Authors Miguel Angel Gallo and Begoña Pereira-Otero


The Exercise of Power in the Family Business
By Miguel Angel Gallo and Begoña Pereira-Otero
FFI Practitioner October 16, 2019 cover
Author Guillermo Salazar

Behavioral & Management

Working with Family Diagrams in Family Business: Reflections from 20 years of practice
By Guillermo Salazar