FFI Practitioner: Ownership of the Family Enterprise
Weekly Edition • August 25, 2021
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Ownership of a family enterprise is a dynamic and complex undertaking as well as an ongoing topic of research and debate within the family enterprise advisory field. In this week’s FFI Practitioner, we highlight three elements of ownership – succession, structure, and strategies — addressed in recent editions.

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Professionalizing the Business Family: The Five Pillars of Competent, Committed and Sustainable Ownership Cover
by Claudia Astrachan, Matthias Waldkirch, Anneleen Michiels, Torsten Pieper, and Fabian Bernhard

This research report, sponsored by the FFI 2086 Society, hopes to inspire controversial discussions among business families, their advisors, and other stakeholders. The report challenges readers to question their beliefs on how to best support families in their quest to professionalize, looking beyond formal means of professionalization and governance and the development of competent owners in the family enterprise.