Primer on Family Trust Beneficiaries: Things to Consider
Weekly Edition • July 14, 2021
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From FFI Practitioner
In this week’s podcast, FFI Fellow Patricia Angus discusses her most recent book, The Beneficiary Primer: A guide for beneficiaries of family trusts, which serves as a resource for beneficiaries, trustees, advisors, and other practitioners to navigate, administer, and benefit from trusts.
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Patricia Angus
Patricia Angus, JD, MIA, TEP, is CEO of Angus Advisory Group LLC and an adjunct professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Business, where she is founding Managing Director of the Family Business Program. A recognized thought leader in multi-generational family governance and wealth, she has advised families with businesses, trusts, and charitable foundations for more than two decades, building bridges across disciplines through her teaching, education, and thought leadership. She is the author of The Trustee Primer: A guide for personal trustees and The Beneficiary Primer: A guide for beneficiaries of family trusts. Patricia is an FFI Fellow, former faculty member in the FFI Global Education Network (GEN), and the recipient of the 2019 Interdisciplinary Award. She can be reached at
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FFI Practitioner: July 17, 2019 cover
FFI Practitioner
by Patricia Angus

This week’s contributor, Patricia Angus examines what it truly means to be a “Practitioner” and the impact of ongoing practice when working with family enterprise clients.

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