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FFI Practitioner: Thought Leaders from the FFI Global Conference
Weekly Edition • November 02, 2022
FFI Practitioner: November 02, 2022
FFI Practitioner: November 02, 2022 cover
From FFI Practitioner
The 2022 FFI Global Conference is the latest example of FFI presenting its impressive global network of thought leaders in the field.

As a recap to the 2022 conference, this week we are pleased to feature FFI Practitioner articles and interviews by presenters discussing each theme of the 2022 conference.

Changing Family Demographics:

As life expectancy pushes past old records, people are living longer, birth rates are decreasing worldwide, and baby boomers are entering their senior years, just to name a few. The aging of the world’s populations and other demographic trends have profound implications for multi-generational family enterprises, advisors, and researchers. Conference presentations addressed how demographic changes and changes in family dynamics and culture are impacting family enterprises and how advisors can help their clients build family unity in this new era.

FFI Practitioner November 3, 2021 cover
“Family Office Technology: An interview with Tania Neild”
by Mary Duke
Mary Duke and Stacy Allred presented at the conference on “Evolving Competencies for future-ready business owners, stewards, and directors.”

Environmental Sustainability:

Societies, industries (and their supply chains), companies, and families are suffering from the destabilizing effects of climate change that include flooding and water shortages, violent weather patterns, air and water pollution, and physical risks that individuals endure from environmental degradation. Governments and others are ramping up efforts to create a sustainable economy and to limit pollution from businesses and households. Researchers are producing promising new technologies. Entrepreneurs are building significant wealth through new approaches to doing business. Conference presentations and keynotes addressed how these combined efforts could potentially save us from life-altering changes and how advisors can help guide family enterprises in this new era.

FFI Practitioner: October 26, 2022 cover
“Creating Climate Futures: Business in a changing world”: An interview with Jason Jay
Interviewed by Jordan Rich
Jason Jay delivered a keynote at the conference on “Creating Climate Futures: Business in a changing world” and facilitated sessions on environmental sustainability as part of the post-conference sessions.


Previous FFI Conference Keynotes
Take a look at interviews with keynotes from past FFI global conferences, demonstrating the wide range of research and disciplines that the Family Firm Institute has brought to members and practitioners around the world.
An Interview with 2013 Keynote Robert Sapolsky
The Evolution of Team Building: An interview with leading biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher, PhD
Longevity, Health, and Family Enterprise: An Interview with Kris Verburgh

Future of Work:

As digitization, AI, automation, and robotics are transforming the workplace, how will work get done over the coming years? How will work be influenced by core family enterprise concerns and considerations, such as generational and social shifts? What new skills and understandings do families and family firms need to build in this new era?

FFI Practitioner: January 5, 2022 cover
“Falling in Love with the Future”: An interview with Mark Stevenson and Debbie Bing
Interviewed by Jordan Rich
Debbie Bing presented a session at the conference on “Back to the Future: Time travel and interdisciplinary advising in the fourth economy” and facilitated sessions on the future of work as part of the post-conference sessions.

Mark Stevenson, FFI Futurenaut-in-Residence, facilitated sessions on environmental sustainability as part of the post-conference sessions.

Societal Trends:

For the past several decades, global prosperity, living standards, and longevity have increased, and the number of people living in severe poverty has fallen dramatically. On the other hand, income, wealth, and education inequality have risen, and societies are reeling from internal pressures to find a new equilibrium in which more can benefit from capitalism. During the next decade, researchers are anticipating increasing dissatisfaction in society, even in advanced economies. As relevant economic actors in all countries, family enterprises will need to find ways to navigate the challenges, opportunities, and dilemmas that will be posed by key societal trends.

FFI Practitioner: September 14, 2022 cover
Using ESG to Rebuild the “Trust Bonus”
by Andrea Baars and Cydnee Griffin
Andrea Baars and Peter Englisch presented a session at the conference on “NextGen Today and Beyond: Challenging the status quo for future success”
FFI Global Conference Keynote Speakers and MIT's Cutting-Edge Initiatives
MIT Sloan School of Management
Thank you to MIT Sloan School of Management, our Academic Host for the 2022 Global Conference.

Learn more about the five keynote speakers from the 2022 Global Conference and their current ground-breaking initiatives at MIT.

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