FFI On Friday | February 23, 2018

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Author! Author!

In this issue we want to thank all of the authors for FFI Practitioner in the past twelve months and encourage YOU to join this distinguished group.

Author! Author!

Write for FFI Practitioner and increase your own visibility while adding to the educational development of advisors and consultants around the world.

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Can you believe?

Can you believe?

54 editions of FFI Practitioner were published in the last 12 months.

54 different authors wrote for this publication – no coincidence!

These authors came from Australia, Colombia, France, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, UK, and US.

They wrote 37 full-length articles, 8 précis of FBR articles, and 3 blogs – and conducted 6 interviews.

The most popular topics were Behavioral & Management Science, Family Business Case Studies, Models & Structures, and Succession.

More than 6000 people received this publication weekly.

Examples of topics

Examples of topics

Behavioral & Management Science

Defusing NextGen’s Explosive Exposé!

Iris Leibowitz

Family Business Cases

Live Wires in the Family Enterprise

Ariel Sergio Goekman

Editions on Governance Models & Structure

Multi-Roles Model: Theory and Practice

Paul Karofsky

Editions on Succession

The Generational Maze: The power grid for procreant wealth

Lisa Niemeier

To view all the topics covered to date in FFI Practitioner, go here – think about a category that might suit you, especially one that is under-represented in this taxonomy.

Examples of format

Examples of format


Sex and Gender in Family Business Succession Research: A Review and Forward Agenda From a Social Construction Perspective

Maya Prabhu


“Fit” and Family-Owned Business

Bruce Walton


Advisors to the Next Generation – An interview with two next gen donors

Sharna Goldseker and Michael Moody

In the coming months, we would especially encourage videos, podcasts and other multi-media kinds of submissions. The new platform can handle almost anything!

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