March 26, 2021
Prepared Exclusively for FFI Members
Deadlines Approaching
March 26, 2021
March 26, 2021

everal key deadlines are approaching in the next few weeks!

Please don’t miss them—all members are encouraged to participate! Please forward this newsletter to others you think might be interested.

March 28:
Board Nominations Deadline
The 2021 Nominating Committee is soliciting suggestions from the FFI membership for board of director positions that will begin following the Annual Meeting in October 2021. The committee is looking for expertise in the following areas:
Accessing extended networks to promote FFI’s strategic growth in research, education, and public awareness
Experience with emerging technologies
Knowledge and/or experience with family offices
Academic, research, and scholarly backgrounds in a variety of disciplines related to multi-generational family enterprise
March 31:
C&S Directory Submission Deadline
Enrollment in the Consultants & Speakers Directory is open to current FFI Members only. Add your name for April 2021 – March 2022.
April 1:
GEN Virtual Seminars Deadline
GEN virtual seminar: Tools for Positive Change in Family Enterprise Systems: Analysis and application
April 12 – 13
The GEN 503 seminar is an overview of family enterprise tools, frameworks, and techniques for analyzing family enterprise cases, achieving positive change, and ultimately, dealing with the complex issues that consultants face when assisting family enterprises.
GEN virtual seminar: Philanthropy, Investing and the Enterprise: Advising families in pursuit of impact
April 19 – 20
The GEN 504 seminar concerns how today’s wealthy individuals, families, and their family offices express values and work towards social and environmental impacts through philanthropic giving, business operations, and investments.
April 15:
Achievement Awards, Unpublished Research Award, and GEN Scholarships Deadline
Achievement Awards: Created to honor the accomplishments of leaders in the field and to increase public awareness of professionals in the field, these four awards are the Richard Beckhard Practice Award, the Barbara Hollander Award, the Interdisciplinary Award, and the International Award.
Best Unpublished Research Paper Award: The submitted paper may be on any topic of relevance to the understanding and appreciation of family firms and/or family firm advisors. Papers should not have been submitted to a journal at the time it is submitted for the award.
GEN Scholarships: Generously provided by individuals and organizations that want to improve the skills and knowledge of family enterprise advisors, these scholarships provide financial support for qualifying students. The 2021 scholarship opportunities for Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) or Family Wealth Advising (CFWA) are de Visscher Advisors and the Waesche Family. Advanced Certificate scholarships are provided by the AlTouq Group and the Fitzpatrick & Francis Family Business Continuity Foundation.
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March 19, 2021
Today, in our third issue of this year’s series on FFI organizational members, we are pleased to feature the following distinguished association and professional organizations.