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Early Release: June 2019 Issue of FBR
May 10, 2019

e are pleased to provide you with an advance look at the June 2019 issue of Family Business Review (FBR).

Capturing Family Firm Heterogeneity: How Taxonomies and Typologies Can Help the Field Move Forward
Keith H. Brigham, Nadine Kammerlander, and Donald O. Neubaum
The editorial for this special issue on “Typologies and Taxonomies of Family Business” provides a review of articles in the extant family business literature that have used typologies or taxonomic classifications to describe family businesses. The editorial authors conclude with a discussion of suggestions for future research using typologies and taxonomies and their application to family firm heterogeneity.
Keith H. Brigham
Texas Tech University
Nadine Kammerlander
WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
Donald O. Neubaum
Florida Atlantic University
Family Social Capital in the Family Firm: A Taxonomic Classification, Relationships With Outcomes, and Directions for Advancement
Research Questions
  • Are there identifiable configurations of family firms based upon type and level of family social capital?
  • What is the ontological nature of these family social capital configurations?
  • Are these family social capital configurations differentially related to economic and noneconomic outcomes?
Paul Sanchez-Ruiz
DePaul University
Joshua J. Daspit
Texas State University
Daniel T. Holt
Louisiana State University
Matthew W. Rutherford
Oklahoma State University
A Configurational Approach to Family Firm Innovation
Research Questions
  • What combinations of family-, firm-, and environment-level factors create conditions that can spur innovation in family firms?
  • What combinations of family-, firm-, and environment-level factors create conditions that can lead to low levels of innovation in family firms?
  • How can a family engaged in managing a private firm promote innovation under different environmental conditions?
Vasiliki Kosmidou
University of New Haven
Manju K. Ahuja
University of Louisville
A Typology of Family Firms: An Investigation of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance
Research Questions
  • Why are some family firms more entrepreneurial than others?
  • Do family influence and family firm life cycle explain differences in EO and performance among family firms?
  • Does a family firm’s heterogeneity explain the contradictory results regarding EO and performance among family firms?
  • Is LPA an adequate tool to capture complex interrelations among variables?
Laura J. Stanley
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Remedios Hernández-Linares
University of Extremadura
María Concepción López-Fernández
University of Cantabria
Franz W. Kellermanns
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Family Firm Values Explaining Family Firm Heterogeneity
Research Questions
  • Can value profiles of family firms explain (at least part of) the heterogeneity of family firms?
  • Which value profiles are prevalent in family firms?
  • Are these value profiles specific to family firms?
  • Are all family firms value-driven?
Sabine B. Rau
ESMT European School of Management and Technology
Viktoria Schneider-Siebke
WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
Christina Günther
WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
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