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Featuring the FFI Organizational Members: Part II
June 26, 2020
June 26, 2020 cover

n March, we featured seven of the FFI organizational members.

Today, in our second issue of this year’s series, we are pleased to highlight distinguished organizations and educational institutions that are FFI organizational members.

BDO Advisory BV
BDO Advisory BV Logo
BDO Advisory BV , based in the Netherlands, is an accounting and financial consultancy, working with families and family enterprise to secure stability and plan for the future. FFI members are Ruud Loos, Michel Prent, CFBA/CFWA, Bram Tijssen, and Edvard van de Vijver, FFI Fellow.
Ruud Loos headshot
Ruud Loos
Michel Prent headshot
Michel Prent
Bram Tijssen headshot
Bram Tijssen
Edvard van de Vijver headshot
Edvard van de Vijver
Burns & Levinson
Burns & Levinson is a Boston-based law firm that provides a team approach with clients by utilizing all the talent available within the firm and partnering with others to meet clients’ needs. The firm has extensive experience representing founder and family-owned businesses since its founding in 1960 and the team is sensitive to the dynamic of family and business issues and understands the clients’ needs for a multi-disciplinary team approach. The firm is also a sponsor of the FFI New England Chapter. FFI members are Brian Bixby, Christine Fletcher, David Raymon, and Lorraine Stark.
Brian Bixby headshot
Brian Bixby
Christine Fletcher headshot
Christine Fletcher
David Raymon headshot
David Raymon
Lorraine Stark headshot
Lorraine Stark
Brian Bixby headshot
Brian Bixby
Christine Fletcher headshot
Christine Fletcher
David Raymon headshot
David Raymon
Lorraine Stark headshot
Lorraine Stark
Family Enterprise Xchange
Family Enterprise Xchange logo
Family Enterprise Xchange is a Canadian organization for family enterprises. Its goal is to empower enterprising families and their advisers so they can succeed and flourish. To achieve this, FEX provides business families and their advisers with a unique blend of shared wisdom and experience and leading-edge thinking and knowledge. FFI members are Russel Baskin, who served on this year’s FFI Nominating Committee, Bill Brushett, Sheila Scott, and Ruth Steverlynck, CFBA.
Russel Baskin headshot
Russel Baskin
Bill Brushett headshot
Bill Brushett
Sheila Scott headshot
Sheila Scott
Ruth Steverlynck headshot
Ruth Steverlynck
Russel Baskin headshot
Russel Baskin
Bill Brushett headshot
Bill Brushett
Sheila Scott headshot
Sheila Scott
Ruth Steverlynck headshot
Ruth Steverlynck
Grant Thornton Sweden
Grant Thornton Sweden logo
Grant Thornton Sweden is a growth company that focuses on privately held entrepreneurial businesses, providing customers with professionalism, expertise, and personal touch. It is committed to helping dynamic companies to grow and become successful. FFI members are Per Gardelin, Julia Höglund, Henrik Johansson, Larissa Keijzer, and Helena von der Esch, who is a member of the FFI Global Education Network (GEN) faculty.
Per Gardelin headshot
Per Gardelin
Julia Höglund headshot
Julia Höglund
Henrik Johansson headshot
Henrik Johansson
Larissa Keijzer headshot
Larissa Keijzer
Helena von der Esch headshot
Helena von der Esch
KPMG Private Enterprise
KPMG Private Enterprise logo
KPMG Private Enterprise Family Business advisors understand the dynamics of a successful family business and work with clients to provide tailored advice and experienced guidance to help them succeed. To support the unique needs of family businesses, KPMG Private Enterprise coordinates with a global network dedicated to offering relevant information and advice to family-owned businesses. Nearly 100 KPMG professionals belong to FFI, and Global Family Business Centre of Excellence Director Daniel Trimarchi is a member of the 2020 FFI Global Conference Program Committee. Congratulations to Bernadeene Cangelosi, CFBA/CFWA, and Katerina Polyzoi, CFBA, who completed the GEN certificate program in March.
Daniel Trimarchi headshot
Daniel Trimarchi
Bernadeene Cangelosi headshot
Bernadeene Cangelosi
Katerina Polyzoi headshot
Katerina Polyzoi
Prairie Family Business Association
Prairie Family Business Association logo

Prairie Family Business Association (PFBA) is an outreach center of the Beacom School of Business at the University of South Dakota that offers family businesses a platform to achieve harmony and longevity. PFBA provides family businesses with the tools to succeed through high quality education and collaboration. FFI members are Larry D. Hause, FFI Fellow; Sandra McNeely, FFI board member and treasurer; and Suzy Turnquist.

Larry Hause headshot
Larry Hause
Sandra McNeely headshot
Sandra McNeely
Suzy Turnquist headshot
Suzy Turnquist
Sandaire Investment Office
Sandaire logo
Sandaire is a London-based, international investment office delivering tailored solutions for wealthy families and foundations. Family-owned and professionally managed, the firm has a 22-year history that provides unique insights into the evolving opportunities and challenges that wealth creates, understanding that there is more to wealth than just investment performance. Sandaire is also a founding member of the Wigmore Association, an innovative group of leading single and multi-family offices from across the globe that provides a forum in which members can share knowledge and best practice with fellow experts, seeking to enhance understanding of issues that are important to clients, while retaining objectivity and independence. FFI members are Charlotte Filsell, James Fleming, Alexander Scott, and Janet Tarbet.
Charlotte Filsell headshot
Charlotte Filsell
James Fleming headshot
James Fleming
Alexander Scott headshot
Alexander Scott
Janet Tarbet headshot
Janet Tarbet
Universidad de Monterrey Center for Family Business
Universidad de Monterrey Center for Family Business logo
Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) Center for Family Business , founded in 1999, provides consultancy and advice to business families. The Center’s services support the preservation of the family entrepreneurial legacy and enable the transformation of the governing bodies and communication schemes of the business family. FFI members are Pepe Bucio, Salvador Guajardo, María Eloísa Treviño, and José Ángel Vázquez.
Charlotte Filsell headshot
Pepe Bucio
Salvador Guajardo headshot
Salvador Guajardo
María Eloísa Treviño headshot
María Eloísa Treviño
Jose Angel Vazquez Villalpando headshot
Jose Angel Vazquez

FFI Organizational Members

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Many thanks to everyone who participated in the FFI on Monday series, which ends next week, and especially to the presenters:
John W. Ambrecht
Ambrecht & Associates
Carmen Bianchi
Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates
Andrea Calabrò
STEP Project
François de Visscher
de Visscher & Co.
Ramsey Goodrich
Carter Morse & Goodrich
Terence Hannafin
Carter Morse & Goodrich
Mae Hong
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
James Olan Hutcheson
David Karofsky
The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc.
Paul Karofsky
Transition Consulting Group
Paul Lermitte
Legacy Family Office, Ltd.
Ian Macnaughton
Transition Point Coaching
Ken McCracken
MFBC Limited
Greg Owen-Boger
Turpin Communication
Salvatore Tomaselli
University of Palermo
Michael D. Whitty
Freeborn & Peters LLP
Jack Wofford
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