April 02, 2021
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Shaping Futures: Evolve, Emerge, Engage
April 02, 2021
April 02, 2021

t’s April 2nd, but we’re not fooling! Today we are announcing the virtual and in-person programs for the October 18–23 FFI Global Conference. Some parts are virtual. Some parts are in-person in London. And there’s a post-conference being planned in Cambridge at Cambridge Judge Business School. Please read on for details.

Connecting With Each Other
This five-day virtual and in-person event brings together speakers from around the world to share the latest research and perspectives on the issues facing families in business and families of wealth.

We invite you to join a global community of thought leaders to reflect on how we collectively shape the future of the field. What do we want future family enterprise advising practices, professional education, and applied and academic research to look like as together we “Evolve, Emerge, and Engage” and do our part in shaping futures?

Sessions in both the virtual and the in-person programs focus on:

  • Engaging New Family Enterprise Models and Trends
  • Evolving Concepts of Resiliency, Impact Investing, Climate Change
  • Emerging Public Policy
  • Shaping the Future of Work
Virtual Conference: Monday, October 18, and Tuesday, October 19
  • Monday: Twelve sessions in two rooms. Topics include sustainability, future of work, trust building, research, and more. Presenters include practitioners, researchers, family companies.
  • Tuesday: Join Rania Labaki, Christopher Robichaud, and Wendy Ulaszek in an extended version of their popular 2020 virtual session entitled, “Managing Ethical Dilemmas in Family Business.”
In-person Conference: Wednesday, October 20 through Friday, October 22 in London
  • Wednesday, opening reception at the House of Lords, hosted by Lord Bilimoria, founder and chairman of Cobra Beer and President of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
  • Sponsored by Cambridge Judge Business School, Equitile Investments, and Keyt Consulting

  • Thursday, main conference at the QEII Center in London
    • Opening Keynote by Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of S.C. Johnson –a family company
    • Fifteen presentations by presenters from around the world addressing the following topics: Models and Trends, Resiliency, Future of Work, and Public Policy
  • Friday, main conference continues at the QEII
    • Keynote presentation from Cambridge Judge Business School
    • Ten presentations with more than 20 presenters from across the globe
Post-Conference: Shaping Family Business Policy Matters
Saturday, October 23, at Cambridge Judge Business School
The program is modular! Register for all or part of it. Combine virtual with in-person. Do one or the other. Create any combination that suits your schedule and your professional interests.
Many thanks to the 2021 FFI Conference Program Committee
Poutziouris Panikkos headshot
Panikkos Poutziouris, chair
University of Central Lancashire Cyprus
Larnaka, Cyprus
Tony Bogod headshot
Tony Bogod
Resonance Partners LLP
London, UK
Richard Lane headshot
Richard Lane
Farrer & Co.
London, UK
Marko Nikolić headshot
Marko Nikolic
Ernst & Young
Istanbul, Turkey
Khaled Soufani headshot
Khaled Soufani
Cambridge Judge Business School
Cambridge, UK
Blair Trippe headshot
Blair Trippe
Continuity Family Business Consulting
Boston, MA USA
Helena von der Esch headshot
Helena von der Esch
Burenstam & Partners
Stockholm, Sweden
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