FFI On Friday | June 15, 2018

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So What Can You Expect from a Festival?

A lot, if you’re coming to London in October for the 2018 FFI global conference.

We hope we’ve already spiked your curiosity with On the Main Stage and the Sneak Preview of academic presentations. Today we feature some traditional Festival activities: Fortune Tellers, Jousts, Mirrors, Giants, Storytelling, and Cross-cultural experiences!

Curtain up!

A Visit to the Festival Fortune Teller: Forecast of three future trends for family-owned enterprises

This session will address forecasting future trends: a) you can’t litigate love (so why are you trying?) – there will be increased litigation dealing with succession and control issues; b) evolving succession challenges in a seven- generation world; and c) increasing the visible (formerly invisible) power of women as family members, on boards and as in-laws.


Patricia Annino
Rimôn P.C.

Jousts, Feats of Strength, and Games of Chance: Common causes and outcomes in family-owned business legal disputes

Family-owned business legal disputes are often disruptive, time-consuming, and expensive. Such disputes typically arise from disagreements involving Paper (documents), Process (decision-making), or People (dynamics among stakeholders). Join this discussion to explore these three common flashpoints, to learn the various outcomes, and to learn ways to avoid or mitigate these disputes.


Michael Connolly
Murtha Cullina LLP

The Mirror Maze: Changing your reflection

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most diverse of them all? Take time to reflect and be challenged by the power of diversity of thought. This interactive session will showcase the power of diversity in Australian family businesses. Come and join in the fun!


Kirsten Taylor-Martin
Grant Thornton Australia, Ltd

Family Offices, Fiefdoms, Fallacies, and Fables

This interactive workshop examines the world of the family office, raising questions like: What is a Family Office really? How do you measure success? What do Family Offices do well –or badly? What are common pitfalls to look out for when working with Family Offices, whether from within or without?


Tony Bogod
Resonance Partners LLP

Tim Carvosso
Resonance Partners LLP

Rites of Passage in a Land of Giants

Born into a world of giants, emerging adults struggle with growing up in the “shadow.” Redefining “rites of passage” creates a path for rising generations to emerge into productive relationships between generations. Participants will actively explore “rites of passage” stimulated by the voices of rising generation family members.


Jamie Weiner
Inheriting Wisdom

The Healing Mandala™: Mindfulness, art, & appreciative storytelling

This session will look at a methodology for families to come together and share individual realities, seek forgiveness, and embrace healing. This approach provides a construct that draws from the past, anchors emotions in the present, and provides a way for families to engage in healing.


Laura Allen
Positively People, LLC

Jean Meeks-Koch
Positively People, LLC

A Jane Austen Festival for Family Firms and Advisers

This session will offer examples from the life and novels of Jane Austen to illustrate timeless lessons for business families and their advisers, including different forms of family capital, succession planning, and addressing demographic realities.


Michael Whitty
Handler Thayer LLP

Welcome to the Culture Fair: Ethnographic methods to make the strange familiar

This hands-on workshop will demonstrate an ethnographic approach to consulting – built on anthropological observation methods and developed through years of practice – and will explore how it can provide another way of joining with and ultimately helping a family.


Debbie Bing

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