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Thank you to FFI on Monday Presenters
April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020 cover

hank you! Thank you! From FFI on Friday to FFI on Monday, a sincere thank you to the FFI thought leaders who stepped forward to offer this limited series of free webinars to our members and colleagues around the world. The series began on April 6 and continues through June 29—all webinars are on Monday at 10:00AM Eastern Time.

Upcoming Webinars
April 27
What’s in a Name? Mediation, Facilitation, or Family Enterprise Consultation? The role of impartiality in our work
Presenter: FFI Fellow Jack Wofford.
Jack is also a member of the FFI Virtual Study Group on Mediation.
Jack Wofford headshot
Jack Wofford
May 4
How to Preserve and Enhance the Value of Family Businesses in Today’s Environment and Beyond?
Presenters: Ramsey Goodrich, Terence Hannafin and François de Visscher. Francois is an FFI Fellow, former president of FFI, and recipient of the Richard Beckhard Practice Award.
Ramsey Goodrich headshot
Ramsey Goodrich
Terence Hannafin headshot
Terence Hannafin
François de Visscher headshot
François de Visscher
May 11
The Role of Governance:
Case Studies Using the Multi-Roles Model
Presenters: FFI Fellows Paul Karofsky and David Karofsky.
Paul is also a founding member of the 2086 Society.
Paul Karofsky headshot
Paul Karofsky
David Karofsky headshot
David Karofsky
May 18
The Power and Limitations of Natural Governance
Presenter: FFI Fellow Ken McCracken. Ken is also a recipient of the FFI Interdisciplinary Award.
Ken McCracken headshot
Ken McCracken
May 25
Changing Demographics in Family Businesses: Highlights from the STEP 2019 Quantitative Survey
Presenter: Andrea Calabrò is the global academic director of the STEP Project.
Andrea Calabrò headshot
Andrea Calabrò
We extend our appreciation to Greg Owen-Boger and Carmen Bianchi, who kicked off the series earlier this month.
Greg Owen-Boger headshot
Greg Owen-Boger
Turpin Communication
Carmen Bianchi headshot
Carmen Bianchi
Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates
webinars continue on June 8, 15, 22 and 29
see the complete series, which ends in June
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April 17, 2020 cover
In this issue, we highlight the Q1 GEN graduates who are receiving the Dual Certificate in Family Business Advising and Family Wealth Advising (CFBA/CFWA) or the Advanced Certificate (ACFBA, ACFWA). These individuals, coming from across the globe and across disciplines, have accessed and completed programs of curated content and research-based resources with their peers and a highly skilled faculty, developing a global network of fellow students who advise and study multi-generational families.

Please join us in congratulating their outstanding achievement.