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Featuring the FFI Organizational Members – Part V
September 25, 2020
September 25, 2020

e are pleased to feature the following distinguished organizations and educational institutions that are FFI organizational members.

Cambridge Family Enterprise Group
Cambridge Family Enterprise Group logo
Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, founded in 1989, is a highly specialized, international advisory firm serving family enterprises. It is devoted to helping families achieve multi-generational success for their families, enterprises, and financial wealth. 

FFI members are FFI Fellow John Davis, who is recipient of the 2016 Richard Beckhard Practice Award, a founding board member of FFI, and founder and chairman of CFEG; FFI board member Dan Frosh (CFBA/CFWA); Alan Heath (CFBA); Katherine Heath; FFI Fellow and 2020 FFI Interdisciplinary Award recipient Andrew Hier; Helena McDonnell; and Maria Sinanis (CFBA).

John Davis headshot
John Davis
FFI Fellow
Founding member of 2086 Society
Dan Frosh headshot
Dan Frosh
FFI Board of Directors
Alan Heath headshot
Alan Heath
Andrew Hier headshot
Andrew Hier
FFI Fellow
Recipient of 2020 FFI Interdisciplinary Award
Helena McDonnell headshot
Helena McDonnell
Maria Sinanis headshot
Maria Sinanis
Fidelius Family Office
Fidelius logo
Fidelius Family Office  is a family-office organization for enterprising families throughout the Americas. Fidelius addresses the multiple, interlocking concerns of business families—including family dynamics, governance of both the family and the enterprise, long-term investment strategies, and the family’s emotional, physical, and financial health. Based on years of experience and working with hundreds of business families, Fidelius has developed a methodology that allows for analysis of the needs of each family, regardless of its complexity.

FFI members are Luisa Cardona, Lisseth Herrera, Ernesto Lewin, and FFI Fellow and former FFI board member Rodolfo Paiz.

Luisa Cardona headshot
Luisa Cardona
Lisseth Herrera headshot
Lisseth Herrera
Ernesto Lewin headshot
Ernesto Lewin
Rodolfo Paiz headshot
Rodolfo Paiz
FFI Fellow
Luisa Cardona headshot
Luisa Cardona
Lisseth Herrera headshot
Lisseth Herrera
Ernesto Lewin headshot
Ernesto Lewin
Rodolfo Paiz headshot
Rodolfo Paiz
FFI Fellow
Trusted Family
Trusted Family logo
Trusted Family, founded by two next gen members of business owning families, has developed an online communications platform that enables families and family businesses to engage, interact, and collaborate more effectively. The firm brings value to multigenerational family businesses and family offices globally by enhancing their board, shareholder, and family communication and collaboration activities via a secure digital, centralized, and permission-based platform.

FFI members are Maria Braganca, Arnaud de Coninck, Bert Goethals, Bita Hedayati, Neel Mullick, Elvira Orza, Edouard Thijssen, and Sofia Vollmer.

Maria Braganca headshot
Maria Braganca
Arnaud de Coninck headshot
Arnaud de Coninck
Bita Hedayati headshot
Bita Hedayati
Neel Mullick headshot
Neel Mullick
Elvira Orza headshot
Elvira Orza
Edouard Thijssen headshot
Edouard Thijssen
Wealth Management Institute, Ltd.
Wealth Management Institute, Ltd. logo
The Wealth Management Institute (WMI) is Asia’s Centre of Excellence for wealth and asset management education and research. Established in 2003 with the support of Temasek and GIC, WMI is driven by the vision to catalyze Singapore’s growth ambition to become a leading international asset and wealth management center.  As part of its growing commitment to nurture talent and serve the growing family office segment, WMI is proud to line up a suite of programs for the professionals as well as the families.

FFI members are chief executive officer, Foo Mee Har, and director of program development, Janice Poon.

Foo Mee Har headshot
Foo Mee Har
Janice Poon headshot
Janice Poon
Wells Fargo Private Bank
Wells Fargo Private Bank logo
Wells Fargo Private Bank is a leading provider of wealth management services, meeting the needs of clients through multidisciplinary teams dedicated to understanding, analyzing, and evolving an integrated wealth plan that addresses both quantitative and qualitative issues. Advisors help the family engage in conversations surrounding shared values, the preparation of heirs, and family decision-making processes.

FFI members are Katherine Dean, Head of Family Dynamics; Suzanne Mansell; Mariana Martinez (ACFWA); Gary Shunk (CFBA/CFWA); and David Specht.

Katherine Dean headshot
Katherine Dean
Suzanne Mansell headshot
Suzanne Mansell
Mariana Martinez headshot
Mariana Martinez
Presenting at the 2020 Global Conference
Gary Shunk headshot
Gary Shunk
David Specht headshot
David Specht

FFI Organizational Members

FFI is the leading association worldwide and the organization of choice for advisors, consultants, educators, researchers, and family enterprise members who help perpetuate trans-generational family business wealth.

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